Information originally provided by the Masters at a meeting
in Vancouver Canada on 26th April 2007
to help us understand historic events originally scheduled for 2007, but delayed .....
This page will be updated as further authoritative information is provided.
["D-Day" Signals the start to various earth-shaking events, other events in days after this date]

see the Post-Stasis Times CD for detailed information on life after 'the announcement'.

Last updated: 24th September, 2011



The changes have been so numerous it is difficult to keep up, and with the secrecy involved - the "need to know" principle and the danger of giving away important information to the 'enemy', very little information has been released in recent times.


Multiple Choice Programs

In view of various possibilities one can no longer be dogmatic about the exact sequence of events, as Aton himself has not made the decision.

[Update Jan 2011: - We had presumed that ATON was the decision-maker, but some time back he referred to a meeting with 'his peers', where he had agreed to delay implementation of these plans. Now we hear that his request to allow immediate action by the end of 2010 was denied by 'his superiors', so who is actually in charge? It seems that the decision is taken by those at a very high level - and how close are they to fully understanding the real impact on mankind .....???]


Hours before stasis


"SIGNS in the SKY"

[This event has been scheduled before, and continues to be delayed .....] The planet JUPITER is due to become the SECOND SUN. The timing has been changed dramatically. It was decided at a meeting on the starship Capricorn early in November 2007 that this event would precede stasis, and that the people would be allowed to see this event briefly, principally for the benefit of religious groups.

There would be a minor change in the planet's axis which would cause some weather abnormalities, seismic activity due to electromagnetic disturbances, and the consequences of no electricity. Have you watched the abnomal steep descent of the Moon these days? or the fact that the 'heat of the mid-day sun' is now late in the evening?

Astrological information gave 24th of January 2009 as the date when Jupiter would 'peer out from behind the sun' and herald 'stasis', as indicated by Aton. This was a time when Jupiter was in conjunction with Earth and the Sun (not 'in opposition' as some had felt), so, this was the most likely time for the start of 'stasis'. - [Update: and, yes, once more we have a prolonged delay. At times it is a tactical action - only those who "need to know" are given information and they do not distribute it further! Now we know that although we believed all astral bodies to be on fixed paths, the Celestials - or at least Aton - has the power to ALTER these circuits ..... The current situation (July 2009) appears to be that the instability or wobble of the Earth must be corrected before 'stasis' begins as this is a critical time and therefore unsuitable for major operations of this nature]


April 2009: The only thing we can rely on, it appears, is CHANGE! It is unclear what happened to Jupiter, but ATON says the times are very fluid right now, so expect anything. The latest comment is that the SUN will appear to STAND STILL for FOUR HOURS, which will indicate the beginning of "stasis". If you cannot see the sun, you will notice that daylight hours will be extended by that amount of time.

December 2009: Once again it seems that Jupiter is being readied to show itself. With the unreliability of reports - or frequent changes in plan - one can only act as a good Boy Scout and "Be Prepared"!!


A period when humanity and Mother Earth will go into 'stasis' - a period of involuntary hibernation, so that the Celestials can 'clean up'. It will affect fauna and flora as well as humans, and electrons will also cease to move (meaning electricity and electronics will be put on hold .....)

During this time the physical bodies of Lightworkers will be repaired as necessary so that they can continue their work more effectively.

Those who are 'chosen' - the 144,000 - who have special responsibilities or projects to undertake for a longer period of time, will have their physical bodies regenerated to the extent that they become roughly half the age that they had reached, thereby extending their lifespan.

This event ('stasis') was first brought forward as removal of the Illuminati had to be carried out as a priority before the announcement. They will be taken off-planet to many destinations, where they may experience the Void or relive Stone Age conditions. Some will be uncreated; some will finally decide to join the Light. In the meantime there has been delay after delay, as Aton awaits the most propitious moment.

During this time increased photon activity will also eliminate those of highly negative vibrations; their bodies will be gathered up and cremated, the souls passing on to a more suitable location. Humanity will be spared from observing this unpleasant scene.

The Celestials will also clean up the environment around the planet so that we can then wake up to the beginning of a truly GOLDEN AGE.

The clocks will stop, so no evidence of the delay will be apparent upon wakening - but the seasons will have moved forward.

This will cover a period of three to six weeks or more, during which 30% of the planet's population will be removed - those of the Dark and their minions. One might expect that in some countries or areas it will be more than 30%, in some maybe less - but imagine waking up to find a much reduced population. Talk about "Shock and Awe" .....

After stasis and the removal of pollution from the Earth's atmosphere, land and oceans, no polluting sources of propulsion (fossil-fuel engines) will work, so transportation will be seriously affected and the need for new engines or conversions will be acute. We shall have the help of ET technology in overcoming this.

Until 'stasis' occurs the transfer of major funds (such as "Prosperity Funds") will not take place, as they would be confiscated in whole or in part (eg taxation) by the Illuminati. St Germain has stated that he has stepped in on more than one occasion and stopped delivery. This has been perplexing for non-Lightworkers.

However, it is possible that some distribution of funds may take place before then, so that monies can be made available to mitigate the effect on the many devastated by the seismic events, which would follow shortly thereafter - earthquakes and tsunamis, and this disbursement of funds would also help the "train wreck" of the Illuminati.

  • ENJOY the now pollution-free, revitalized atmosphere!
  • Stock up on non-perishable foods as there will be shortages for quite a while.
  • Get out your bicycle, horse and cart, camel or electric scooter as no polluting engine will function
  • Protect yourself! There could be disruptive elements in the streets for a while, possibly incited by business interests, until the uninformed masses fully realise the benefits which have been made available for all of mankind.
  • Update September 2011 *
    In view of the many drastic changes which will occur almost simultaneously, St Germain has decided that some of the financial measures will be implemented without fanfare, without any specific announcement, just 'slipped in' quietly, so watch for these silent, beneficial changes!
    or implementation of NESARA provisions
    New benevolent Government takes over - leadership under Divine guidance rather than politicians - until elections are held
    Bank debts cancelled (credit cards, loans, mortgages)
    New currency backed by precious metals issued
    Military forces recalled permanently from active duty
    Statutory laws invalidated, return to Common Law
    ..... Corporations must be restructured
    ..... Banks must be re-licensed, no interest (usury)
    ..... All company shares must be bought back
    Redistribution of World's Wealth begins
    ..... Prosperity and other funds released
    ..... Humanitarian and environmental projects funded

    D1-D14: PUBLIC EDUCATION TV and radio taken over for TWO WEEKS of public education, reporting the truth of past government misdemeanours and explaining events which are still to take place later in the year
    (misinformation report?)
    In the meantime an increasing number of spacecraft will have made themselves known spasmodically, together with fantastic lightshows at night. It was reported that there would be a massive flyover when tens of thousands of ships would take part as final proof that other civilisations are out there, but ..... this was NOT an authoritative report. Captain Helena of the Capricorn has stated that she was not in favour of a flypast as it would be extremely counter-productive to their short-range and long-range goals.

    D15-D28: CONTEMPLATION Letting it all sink in - most of the population will be in shock and will need time to adjust to the earth-shaking revelations of how they have been misled and enslaved for generations.
    During this TWO WEEK period the Celestials will observe the reactions of mankind and review the timing of future events.
    FIRST CONTACT At some point, at 10 am on a Saturday, the first public landings of spacecraft (shuttles) will take place in SALT LAKE CITY, USA, and in VANCOUVER, CANADA. The exact date has not yet been fixed: originally it was said to be about 10 days after the announcement, but in May 2009 Captain Helena said it would take considerably longer - no exact timing given.

    This will have covered the first few WEEKS after the NESARA announcement.

    The initial seismic activity on the West Coast (Los Angeles through to Vancouver BC) was first postponed from June to mid-November 2007, then again to some time in 2009 - but we are still waiting! Some events might occur during 'stasis', which would be less stressful on those who remain.

    late 2010 EARTH CHANGES The real Earth Changes begin in earnest with earthquakes and tsunamis on the West Coast of North America. Los Angeles and the greater part of California will be affected most - in stages. Low-lying coastal lands up the West Coast as far as Canada will be swamped, although the effect on Western Canada will be much less than initially seen. The whole 'rim of fire' area will be affected (Pacific rim countries).
    2011 By now we have seen ample evidence of extreme weather changes worldwide and some seismic activity, so the start of major change cannot be far away. In Europe in particular airports closed, trains stopped running and highways were blocked. Thousands spent days at airports without food or water - and sometime no electricity. One report stated that the Celestials wee partly involved in the severe weather at the end of 2010, in order to keep people at home so that they could watch announcements on TV ......! But at this point in time (Jan 2011) sadly nothing to report .....

    We will just refer to two very important projects which will have started by this point, but further details will not be given for the moment.
    BANKING The establishment of the first SAINTLY BANK, which is being set up by St Germain. This will take care of humanitarian and environmental projects before long. The first will be in CANADA, followed by a US bank, then in other countries. All plans have already been completed for this project - a major NESARA benefit..
    INTERNATIONAL LIGHTWORKER CENTRE to be located in VANCOUVER BC, which will house a number of activities and in which both St Germain and Sananda are involved. Renovation of an existing hotel, which will be damaged by the tsunami, will take about 18 months, but some activities will be functioning soon after takeover.

    EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS For those who consider their location to be SAFE, it would be wise to think back to the 'Emergency Preparedness' seminars of the '80s and '90s and stock up on adequate supplies of food and water as transportation will become more and more fraught with danger and therefore unreliable as seismic events increase. Look for local sources - or create your own.

    MONTHLY COMPENSATION Compensation for banking and tax fraud, paid to all citizens and permanent residents, a sum reportedly to be about $75,000 monthly over a ten year period, was originally stated to start about one year after the announcement. This is when true abundance begins for all.
    RE-PRICING OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Reduced to 1/10th of their current value. Initially planned for 30 days after the announcement, then about 90 days after, but as this will entail equivalent action in other major countries throughout the world, the actual timing is still somewhat up in the air. In due course the use of money will be discontinued.

    These events have been modified and implementation dates changed repeatedly over the last year or so. The 'Board of Directors' are still observing and will determine the appropriate times for events.

    Stay tuned. ..........


    1. Essential Reading to fully understand the impact of "stasis" and the NESARA Announcement can be found in the "POST-STASIS TIMES" CD. It will also help you explain this to others and calm their fears or anxiety.

    You might also find it useful to follow these web sites:-

    Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
    Stan Deyo website


    2. Meeting on 5th May 2007 - Update:

    St Germain explained why current messages from telepaths seem to be inconclusive, even conflicting. Telepaths wish to clarify the current situation but, although there is a great deal going on at the moment, release of much of the important details would be like giving away information to the enemy, so these messages come through without any real meat to them, tinged by the feelings of the various telepaths.

    The timetable for Earth Changes gives us but a very small window so everything has to be concluded quickly. The least said right now the better.

    "Our goal is a smooth transition to the new economy and the new government, partly for its own sake but immediately to deal with the coming geophysical events."

    3. Meeting in VANCOUVER, 26th May 2007:

    Telepaths Rae and Lillyean discussed the current situation with St Germain, Aton and Captain Helena of the Capricorn as the sequence had been changed - and is now as shown above. As the Illuminati were bent on destroying the world at any cost a final end had to be put to this situation.

    4. Extract from Message from Dr Meg, 3rd July 2007:

    "Coming in September of your time there is another major shift. This one is a different sort than those which we have previously talked about with you. On the fourteenth of September at 6:02 am eastern time there comes a breach in the fabric of creation. With this, in an early attempt to heal that breach, anti-matter fills the void which is created and there comes a vacuum effect.

    As the vacuum effect initializes, there will be certain manifestations of balance required from the interior of your planet. This may take form in the nature of eventful sized earthquake activity. It will also take place in your weather patterning. ....."

    5. Meeting in VANCOUVER, 5th July 2007:

    Captain Helena of the Capricorn: "This is an auspicious week with two North American holidays and not appropriate to bring changes into being. However I am sensing huge developments within the next ten days."

    St Germain: "As for earth changes affecting you locally, your ideas are right on track. Cmdr Soltec can give you more details, but we do see quakes beginning in September. Regarding the schedule, the government changes must occur first, otherwise the funding could be stolen. Enough of that, the money is to be used to build forward into the next age."

    Commander Soltec: "The Vancouver corner of Canada will be less affected than was at first thought. We are well protected, as seen on the map. The west coast of Vancouver Island will suffer the most, locally. Seattle won't be as devastated as I thought, though it will have a whopping good scare. California, well, that's another story. San Francisco in ruins, LA a few building tops sticking up. Hawaii devastated, but still there. More volcanic activity awakened there, also northern California, and into Oregon and Washington. Earthquakes in the Denver area. Most of the activity in the next 6 to 10 months (on the North American continent; there will be other activity elsewhere in the world) will be on the west coast of Mexico, US and Canada; especially the US. Mexico City will get considerable earthquake damage. There will be some fore-shocks and more after-shocks, some quite disastrous, as parts of the tectonic plates react to local pressures shifting around. Quakes in NE British Columbia, in the Peace River area. All this will relieve a LOT of stress on the planet immediately. "

    6. Meeting on board the Starship CAPRICORN, 5th - 7th November 2007:

    There had been a number of discussions in the meantime with St Germain, Sananda and Commander Soltec on the changing situation. But on 5th November a series of meetings was held on the Capricorn to finalize events. Not all of this information can be made public, but there were 45 to 80 participants at the various meetings, attended by some terrestrials, including a telepath from Vancouver, Rae Ramsey, who reported on the decisions taken there. To summarise: There will be a glimpse of the beginning of the Jupiter event (for the benefit of religious groups), then Cmdr Soltec pulls the switch. Starting in Japan at night, it will work its way around the globe, with the West Coast of the Americas being last to take part. The Galactic Federation will then arrange elimination of pollution on the planet as well as the removal of the Illuminati, and mankind will re-awaken 3 weeks or 6-8 weeks later (depending on progress) to a vastly changed world, which we then continue to build.

    7. Discussion in VANCOUVER, 15th December 2007:

    There have been cosmic disturbances which required a slight delay to the implementation of 'stasis' according to St Germain.

    Commander Soltec, in charge of this event, says his troops are standing by and await Aton firing the starter gun .....

    8. Discussion in VANCOUVER, 27th June, 2008:

    [Comment from Milson:] - There has been little real information on the immediate future circulated these last few months and human beings require some TLC at times - such as encouragement, and a sense that they have not been forgotten in these last trying days of this Age.

    With 'party time' hitting the headlines, and Christopher Story stating that a significant distribution of funds had taken place, it was reasonable to assume that we could be close to announcement time.

    So it was decided to hold a discussion on the matter in a protected area so that we could gain as much information as was possible and permissible at this stage of the game.

    It was appreciated of course that when no date has been fixed, and when there are several possible options to the Sequence of Events, getting realistic answers is no easy task - but we decided to ask all the same .....

    Based on past information received - which changed from time to time - we had summarized the different, possible sequences of events (scenarios*) as follows:
    1. Stasis; social and geological fixes by the Federation; announcement and money distributed afterwards.
    2. Some monies distributed; political changes and announcement; balance of monies distributed; social cleanup gradually; geological changes as they come.
    3. Political changes; announcement and monies distributed; geological changes as they come.
    Aton (through Rae): There is some flexibility here - as Commander Soltec said some time ago, it was uncertain when the "big one" would occur. We are pursuing several possible lines of action in conjunction with our Earth workers. Whatever line of action makes most progress, we will go with that. Right now it looks like a combination of your '1' and '2' scenarios* - some money coming and being distributed to aid humanity and at the same time helping the "train wreck" of the Illuminati.

    'Stasis' WILL have to happen. This planet in all its aspects is too far gone for it to recover with its natural processes, which would be catastrophic for humanity and all of Nature. The Federation and the Hierarchy have many, many well-developed plans, as you well know, and at some point, determined by a variety of interacting processes on and off planet, which I am watching, I will begin 'stasis'.

    Humanity will have to (and will, I assure you) repair itself and the planet and get back into harmony with the order of creation, and become co-creators.

    There will be much work, including spiritual work on yourselves, and as-yet-unseen understandings of existence and reordering of priorities in life courses. There will be much help and it will be done.

    As simple as that - except for the 'Doingness' (broad smile)!

    Progredere in luce .....


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