September 26, 2003

By Patrick H. Bellringer

Hope and joy are in the air! Can you feel it? Spring has come to the Southern Hemisphere of our world with all its newness of life. The Northern Hemisphere is feeling the crisp frosts of autumn and the tree leaves are turning to shades of red and gold. The tropics enjoy the predictable patterns of warmth and light and gentle rains. Our friends of the artic regions know the biting cold and winter blizzards and long days of darkness. Yet joy is renewed in the heart as the warm breezes of spring sweep across the landscape. The heart sings at the return of the birds and bright colored flowers of the brief artic summer in all its glory of the sun---yes, the Son, sun!

I write to you of hope and joy. Never before have we lived in a time of such potential for the re-creation of newness as in "the beginning." What was our world like in "the beginning?"

Imagine a time of no storms and flooding of the land. Imagine no erosion of our beautiful farm land, no erosion of the golden sands of our beaches, and no houses swept away by angry muddy river waters. Imagine a time when there were no howling hurricane winds and crashing waves and driving rains to strike fear in our hearts and to destroy our ships, our homes, our very livelihood, and even our families.

Imagine a time long ago of no hunger, no disease, no war and suffering, and even no death. Imagine a time when our deserts would bloom with flowers and were covered with forests and grasslands, and the lion would lie down with the lamb. Imagine when the oceans and lakes and rivers glistened in their natural beauty and abundance, and our children laughed and played on the clean silver sands of our beaches.

Our planet once knew a time like that. Is it possible that we could again have such a world? Yes, my friends, that is what I am trying to tell you. At this very moment in time we stand at the threshold of a world of peace. The greatest Law of the Ages is about to be announced to the masses of people living on our beautiful planet Earth. Can you hear the trumpets blowing in the Great Halls of Time, echoing to all the coming joyous moment?

When you hear those first words on your radio or television and know in your heart that it is happening, that NESARA is here, can you even now feel the joy of the moment? For many there will be the stunned silence of disbelief, and for others the thrill of knowing.

Can you hear the words of our President Designate as he says, "I now declare world peace, and I now order all U.S. military troops to immediately return home"? Can you hear that deafening moment of silence when our women and men in uniform hear these words, and then their cheers and shouts of joy?

My friends, that time is now at hand! Then with the help of our brothers and sisters aboard the starships, we shall remove all depleted uranium from the air, the soils, the waters, the buildings and the people of Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan and all other lands of war. We shall remove all harmful nuclear waste materials and all nuclear substances of any kind from our planet, as we move into the age of free cosmic energy for everyone.

In the coming Kingdom of Heaven on Earth we shall again have a time of no disease. The people left sick, diseased and crippled from the effects of depleted uranium and chemicals of all kinds shall be healed. The children shall again run and jump and play with laughter with their friends. The elderly who are now wrinkled and stooped with age, who are sitting in wheelchairs and lying in hospital beds, or who are crippled and blind and begging for food shall be made totally well again. They shall again walk in dignity. They shall feel and look the age of thirty again, and their wisdom shall be revered.

My friends, can you imagine a time again of no sickness and no disease, of no injury and no pain? Soon we shall not need eye glasses and crutches, braces, stints, bypasses, pace-makers, false teeth and artificial limbs. Can you imagine a time of no hair patches and wigs, no breast enhancement and face lifts and stapled stomachs and plastic surgery? Think of having no surgery anywhere. We shall soon have all cancers and all heart disease and all diabetes, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, and all other diseases gone forever from our planet.

Are you with me? Can you imagine what the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will be like? No, I am not talking fiction! I am talking fact. I am talking Truth! Can you feel the excitement of hope and joy that is all around you?

Imagine having no more AIDS, no more SARS, no more West Nile virus, no more pneumonia, no more flu, no more common colds, no more coughing and headache and runny nose. All the diseases created by the darkside shall be gone. All the chemtrails shall be no more. Our physical bodies shall be restored and function as Creator God intended for them to function, for as long as we so desire. In past lifestreams long ago, that is how we were. We had perfect health. Do you not remember? We used to live for hundreds and even thousands of years, and so we shall again.

In spite of all the positive energy on our planet at this time, the possibility of war looms ever greater in the lands of Palestine and Korea, as the darkside marches on in their futile plans for world domination. Please understand that Creator God has decreed no more nuclear shall be used for evil intent on our planet ever again. The darkside destroyed many planets including Venus and Mars with nuclear holocaust, but they shall not be allowed to carry out their plans for such on our planet. The nuclear destruction planned for Iraq and Afghanistan has been stopped by the Forces of Light, and the nuclear holocaust planned for Korea and Palestine and anywhere else on our planet Earth shall be neutralized by the Forces of Light. Ariel Sharon shall not have his way in the annihilation of the Arab people. He has a choice to return to Love and Light or he will soon be annihilated by the Violet flame of St. Germain. I speak this as a personal warning to my brother, Ariel Sharon. "Unless you return to the Light, you shall soon reap what you have sown. May you hear these words in your heart and respond in wisdom." May these same words be heard by those most evil leaders of the U.S. government and all other evil leaders and controllers of our world's nations. Time has run out for you to return to the Light, unless you act very quickly. NESARA is at the door and shall not be stopped any longer, and NESARA sounds your death knell. The darkside has lost, and all your evil plans have been dashed to bits and pieces. Mark my words well, for I speak Truth. Your time of doing evil and causing destruction and death is now ended, and so is your physical life, unless you repent! Listen to me, for I the prophet have spoken! There shall be peace, now!

The winds of great and positive change are sweeping across our planet. The frequencies are rising and positive energy is increasing exponentially. The Golden Light of Sananda and the White Light of Creator God are shining ever more intensely everywhere. Can you not feel the changes? Joy and hope are in the air! Imagine that time of long ago when we knew no hunger, no disease, no war and suffering, and even no death. That, my friends, is no longer the past. That is our future! We are creating the newness of "the beginning" all over again.

With the coming of the new month of October, 2003 comes the fulfillment of NESARA. When we walk through that doorway of hope into our new land of possibilities, then it will be up to us with the help of the Angels, our brothers and sisters from the starships, to create our new world. Together we shall, indeed, create the great Kingdom of Heaven on our Earth.

The state of our world is freedom, abundance, peace and joy. That is what I want. Is that what you want? I ask you my friends, what is the state of your personal world? It shall be whatever you want it to be. And Creator God said, "You shall have that which you so desire." And it was so! The winds of change are here. The winds of hope and joy are blowing across our great and beautiful planet Earth Shan today. Can you feel them? Earth Shan, the planet of sorrows is now becoming Terra Nova, the new earth, the heavenly earth, the planet of hope and joy. This is the state of our world today. Aho!

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