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Silence on the Internet

If you search the internet for references to clone, all you will find are references to the use of the word as ‘duplicate’ – the earliest use in recent history being clones of the original IBM personal computer, which were of course decried by IBM as being inferior.

Then along came “Star Wars” and “The Attack of the Clones”, and eventually “Dolly the sheep” to bring the word into more common usage, and presumably the purpose was to achieve acceptance in due course.

With the exception of reference to the Raelian Movement (which can also be found at, who offer to make a ‘clone’ of yourself so that you can ‘live forever’, and some philosophical encounters on the correctness or otherwise of ‘cloning’, you will not learn anything about how the use of clones helps keep you under the control of the Illuminati and their various organisations – the Church, the banks, the courts, the taxation system and the education system.

The death of a much-loved pet and the consequent grieving over its loss was another reason for interest in cloning increasing in recent years.

Some information was provided recently by Hugo from Jupiter through Matthew, who is channelled by his mother Suzy Ward. However, the information seems to be somewhat inaccurate, although it portrays cloning activities throughout the universe. In this case, which is a rare exception, Earth seems to be the place with more advanced technology!

For instance, years ago we reached the stage where a fully mature clone could be produced from a single-cell in just 48 hours. Originally it took 21 then 10 days, so the timeframes referred to by Hugo are way off, so perhaps the whole information provided is suspect. It is added to provide a different view on the subject, but its accuracy cannot be vouched for.

Earlier Times

There were five different human races developed in different parts of the planet. The ‘blacks’ were created in Africa as clones by a visiting race who wanted to dig gold for their home planet’s requirements but found the work too tedious, so they developed a new race as slaves. Note that those who are today categorized as ’blacks’ still have this slave mentality in their genes or have been enslaved even into recent times.

Ham was NOT the father of the black race as described in biblical text and there is no connection with the curse on Canaan.

The Nazis were the first in more recent times to develop ‘clones.’ Hitler is recorded as having said that he had seen “the new man” and “he is awesome.” When Hitler talked to the German people about being the master race, it was to the future cloned population he was referring, not the German race as it was then. But the people accepted the view that THEY were a superior, master race. See Part 5 at the end of this discussion for a different aspect of this plan.

At the end of World War II Hitler’s scientists were divided between the invading Americans and the Russians – at least those who did not accompany him to Antarctica. The robotoid development continued apace. The Americans called them “clones”, the Russians called them “duplicates” or “synthetics” – although these days they are also using the English terminology “clones.”

Recent Times

Jimmy Carter was the first U.S. President to be cloned. As you will read later on, it is important for world control that all the “leaders” be cloned, as they will then follow orders without thinking, and they have no emotions – no compassion, for instance, so they will carry out orders regardless of the moral implications of the action.

The mind is a liquid crystal so it can be downloaded into the new “clone.” It frequently requires refreshing, and as time goes on, the frequency increases. That frequency will go down to every two weeks before it is time to discard that model and bring in a fresh one.

If you are observant, you will find differences in facial characteristics. When George Bush Sr was giving his speech in Tokyo, he collapsed and had to be removed. When he was brought back about ten minutes later, how many people noted that he now had FRECKLES? Nobody in the press dared mention that!

He had been hit and killed by a Russian particle beam. On subsequent occasions a black box was seen positioned on both sides of him to counter these deadly weapons.

North of the border, Canadian Prime Minister Chrétien was known to speak out of the side of his mouth. One day he started speaking out of the OPPOSITE side of the mouth! Physicians will tell you that this is impossible. Of course, most of the time nobody really understood what he was saying, so nobody paid much attention to him at the best of times.

Russian Premier Gorbachev had a prominent scar on his forehead. That always remained, but you might recollect that he was “missing” for three weeks at one time, and the Russians had failed to concoct an adequate story to cover up that absence. This was the time when it took a full three weeks to create a new clone. A giveaway to those who understood.

To some this is a funny story. It was early days when President Jimmy Carter was cloned. Clones are programmed, and he was programmed to give a certain speech at the United Nations. To the dismay of the Americans, President Carter gave a speech opposing rather than supporting the topic in question. They hurriedly took him away for examination. It was later revealed that the Russians had ‘ambushed’ and re-programmed him with their version of what he should say…. talk about one-upmanship! Security was increased…..

The most important personages have THREE clones at any one time – in case there is an accident, such as happened in Tokyo. This also explains why there is such a huge entourage around the U.S. President – it is easier to hide the clones that way. Then a secondary clone can come out as if nothing had happened – as in Tokyo.

Spouses have to be dealt with. Either they go along with it or they are also cloned – or disposed of. I watched Barbara Bush at the dinner in Tokyo, as she was sitting close to her husband. Not much concern shown, and then only for a moment. Clones have no real emotions.

More interesting was the airplane crash involving Henry Kissinger. He died in the crash. But his wife refused to go along with the cloning. Was she either paid off or disposed of? Has anyone heard of her since that date?

Kissinger incidentally is #1 in America, the President is #3. There is often a ‘slip of the lip’. Kissinger was once recorded on TV as saying “I told him NOT to say that!” when referring to a statement made by the President ….

The Church is also part of the Illuminati setup, so religious figures also need to be taken care of. Billy Graham is the most outstanding figurehead, apart from the Pope. Those who have watched him over the years will have noticed that he once became a very tired figure, then suddenly ‘regained’ his vigour for no obvious reason. I am told that he has the standard three copies.

Back to the amusing incidents. Remember when Bill Clinton was made President? A couple of weeks later it was stated publicly that the President had to go to Camp David for a “rest.” “I’m not going to Camp David!” said Bill categorically…. but the rest is history. Camp David is where the military laboratory is located which creates the clones – and Bill Clinton was quite aware of that! Did Monica Lewinsky know about the clone she was dealing with? The “Bill Clinton” who made the statement of denial was of course telling the truth …..

One story we would like to believe but have not yet been able to verify it.

Princess Diana understood clones and also knew that her life was in danger, for a number of reasons, so she agreed to be cloned while she herself was transported to the mountains of the Himalayas for safety. It was the clones who travelled in that fateful car in France, where the accident took place in the Pont de L’Alma tunnel in Paris, an ancient underground tunnel dedicated to the venerated goddess Diana. ‘She’ was actually murdered in the hosp[ital, where the surgeon reported that he had 'massaged her heart' .....

Before she died in 1997, Diana wrote a letter in which she claimed Prince Charles was planning to have her killed in a car crash "to make the path clear for him to marry (Camilla Parker-Bowles)”.

.... Milson ...November, 2006

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