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The hype for the formation of a European Union was that it would make life easier for everyone, opening borders to business and travel without hindrance, and improving the lot of everyone concerned.

The real purpose was to impose unified controls over everyone in the area, overriding local laws and thus making it easier (for the international bankers) to control all aspects of life in Europe. The impositions often created hardship for the locals.

Even those countries which spearheaded the campaign for its institution are now having serious thoughts about it.

Wherever there are benefits (and these are reported and lauded whenever possible), there are complementary disadvantages.

A visit to 'low-cost' Greece in 1994 was rudely shattered by the new prices charged for restaurant meals. A fairly simple luncheon for two, without wine, cost more than a Greek dinner with wine in my home town of Edmonton, Alberta. It was explained that since joining the EU they had had to match "Paris prices". The cost of living had gone up 30%, but the locals had no increase in wages to match that. It was the tourists who dined out.

In Poland, for example, there were advantages for many. There was an exodus of workers to West Germany, where their local wage of €4 per hour became €12 per hour. Very happy workers. And this was boldly advertised as one of the advantages of joining the EU. But that was just one side of the coin.

Suppose 100,000 Polish workers took advantage of these benefits and brought extra money home to their families in Poland. There were also 100,000 GERMAN workers who were now unemployed! And the cost of supporting unemployment in Germany is very high, adding greatly to the national cost of social services. That was never mentioned.

One German TV program showed the impact on fishermen in the Adriatic. When they brought in their catch it had to be weighed and endless forms filled out. These were then inspected (by BRITISH inspectors) and if there was any discrepancy, such as the weight not agreeing with that established by the inspectors, the whole catch had to be thrown overboard! That act was shown on TV!

Were the inspectors perhaps protecting the fish industry in Britain? Where was the sense in throwing the catch back into the sea? Did this dumping of organic waste into the sea not constitute pollution - on the orders of the EU? It also endangered the livelihood of the fishermen themselves. This plethora of forms which the EU has created is one of the major headaches suffered (mainly) by small business, family businesses, carrying on their traditional livelihood.

This week the same program (Deutsche Welle) showed the impact on meat producers in Poland., who had hitherto marketed a sound product, which had to be eaten within 14 days of sale. The EU dictated that it had to be edible for 60 days from the date of sale, requiring chemical additives to be added to these products. Consumers do not need these additives: it is not in the best interests of their health - but this is one of the hidden reasons for EU laws - ensuring that the public ingest sufficient additives to affect health, thereby increasing the need for pharmaceutical products (an industry which they also own), not to mention mind-control additives such as sodium fluoride. For the fuller story read Depopulation of a Planet.

How long will it be before everyone in Europe wakes up? Probably not until the poison sodium fluoride is banned. NESARA will certainly hasten that.


Roger Helmer MEP (Con) Lutterworth, Leics
Letters to the Editor, The Daily Telegraph, 10th March 2005

Source: E-Club

SIR, - The benefits of EU membership claimed by Roger Liddle (report, Mar 5), of freedom, security and economic strength, cannot sustain a moment's critical analysis.

Under the EU arrest warrant, British citizens can now be arrested on the whim of a foreign magistrate in Greece or Slovenia. The Government's Draconian and illiberal house-arrest proposals are a direct consequence of the European Convention on Human Rights. That's freedom? Security?

Brussels's proposals for independent defence structures outside NATO, its adversarial approach to America, its Galileo GPS (with China as a partner), are undermining the transatlantic relationship on which our security has depended for decades, and continues to depend.

But Liddle's most preposterous claim is "economic strength". The Bundesbank has said "it can find no benefit for German industry" in the single market.

Commentators from Peter Mandelson to the European Commission itself have highlighted the costs of EU regulation. The hubristic "Lisbon process" promising "the most competitive knowledge based economy in the world" by 2010, lies in ruins.

The French and German economies are edging from failure to disaster, with the euro a key contributory factor. German unemployment is at levels not seen since Weimar. That's economic strength?

Liddle perfectly illustrates the folly of EU propaganda, flying in the face of reality and common sense. Letters to the Editor, The Daily Telegraph, 10th March 2005

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