Some Messages from St Germain

through Mike Quinsey
April, 2005

7th April, 2005 - on the benefit of delays

As the changes begin to take place, there will always be the possibility that we will, as you say, bend with the wind. Our aim has always been to carry all forward in a way that is the least disruptive to the people, and prepare them as far as possible for the announcement. We will naturally take every opportunity to further our cause and aim to bring everything into a state of readiness for that great day. Little has changed in our plan, but we have taken advantage of a situation that was not originally of our making. We can now control the mindset of certain people that will be to our gain, and take things more into our hands. You could say we are playing the dark at their own game, albeit it is a serious game at this stage.

By taking a little longer, we now have more control over the outcome. We can now work to the position where peace can be declared, and will be a natural follow on to other events that are leading up to it. We have a reasonably good feel of the reaction that will be generated when we announce the cessation of war. If we can lessen the negative response we must take whatever action is necessary, as the last thing we wish to do is to start panic amongst you. We can remove the Illuminati, but their supporters can still spread disinformation and use fear tactics to exacerbate the situation. We are mindful of the need to quickly put out information that will clearly explain what has happened and the reasons for it. That presents no problem to us, but once the announcement of change has been made, events on Earth can easily get out of control. There is a lot of monitoring that we have in place, and for your assurance we tell you that we will be fully aware of what is taking place throughout the world.

However, we have taken an opportunity to direct pre-announcement events, which previously were the domain of the dark, to our advantage. You hear of our confidence that the end is so near, and we try to give you a time scale for completion. Yet, whilst we would delight in rewarding your great patience with a firm announcement date, we err on the side of caution. We know that so many pieces of the plan need to be in place before we can do that. As you have found out before, we are in a most fluid position just now and have to be able to change the smallest detail of our plan if necessary.

All of our actions are to do with people, some who are the backbone of our teams and dependable and loyal to the cause. However there are far more who have little knowledge of what is taking place, yet suspect that changes are afoot but not exactly what is happening. Hitherto, they have looked to your government for leadership, and are placated by their announcements that are purposefully issued for that reason. Because your media is controlled and censors news on subjects that would give the game away, an outward impression is created that all is well and under control. When you throw in the absolute lies that are fed to people, is it no wonder that they are confused when they hear differently.

Our greatest advantage is that you cannot stop people talking, and slowly but surely the word has spread about NESARA and First Contact. It may not always be believed but the seeds of truth are planted and they grow with time. The Internet is of course the 'telephone exchange' of modern times, and this has given people a focus of information. It can also be a trap for the unwary, as because of its very nature some websites are specifically there to churn out disinformation. Lies can be very convincing, and when doubt creeps in people tend to lose faith and trust no one.

Dear Ones, you have experienced many occasions when your expectations have been deflated, and you have risen again. Let me assure you that there has not been a backward step, simply a change of approach that in the long run will be beneficial to you all. You already know that the declaration of peace is a pivotal point upon which all else depends, and we have taken a new step forward that will make that accomplishment easier than before. I know, some of you will remind me that the removal of the last cabal has to precede that action, but I tell you that they are now under our control. We have prevented many actions of the cabal that were calculated to cause great chaos, and deflect attention away from what was really happening. Their hands are tied and their movements restricted, and they are fast learning that their days are over.

Your freedom is as near as it ever was, and we press on with our actions knowing that we are already victorious. Whatever happens now, you are absolutely assured of the realisation of your dreams. It is still likely that the announcement will take place and catch you by surprise. It is possible in a matter of just weeks, and as time passes so our allies are more ready than ever before to play their part. Meanwhile, your ET friends are coming closer, and contacts are already beginning to take place as a prelude to the first open contact. Everything is at the ready, and simply waits the right conditions to go ahead.

I am St. Germain and I thank you for your undying patience and understanding. It has been a long road to reach this point, but the end is clearly in sight. Keep faith and never lose your vision of a successful conclusion, and all that means towards achieving your Ascension. After all, that is the ultimate prize that you seek and will claim. My Love goes with you, and I strengthen your resolve and determination to see this cycle through to its completion. There are so many with you that are waiting to come into your realms, and join you for the final thrust.

9th April, 2005 - on the Next Stage

The completion of all the preparation for the next stages that lead to the coming announcement have been made. It is just a period of waiting until the correct time, and then all shall go ahead. The next phase is carefully planned and will proceed with relative ease because of this. Once the obstructive elements of the dark have been fully curtailed, then all shall openly take place. This is obviously desirable and necessary as we need the full co-operation of not just our allies, but all of Humanity.

Because NESARA and First Contact have brought many people together in a common cause, it has hastened events and speeded up their growth in consciousness. The latter has been a separate issue of long standing, and started as this cycle did 26,000 years ago. It is the completion of cycles within cycles that has brought this one to such an important conclusion. It is the end-time of duality and the beginning of an integrated consciousness that will see you restored as Galactic Beings with full consciousness.

The Light is now a powerful force on Earth, and grows ever more rapidly as the dark is losing its power. The days of oppression and bondage are ending, and helped immensely by the actions of those who are awakening to their true self. With growing confidence, many are standing up and challenging the unlawful acts that are against your constitutional rights. As the momentum of even this small change gathers force, so it will further the efforts to halt the activities of the dark. As more of you recognise the way in which your freedom is being removed, so there will be a counter force that will bring pressure to bear upon the dark.

Your greatest problem is that you are left very much to find your own truth, as the media not only manipulate your news but falsely report it. Perhaps you accept that for political reasons certain editors will naturally have a bias, but what you have seen is a suppression of news on a large scale. Your media is a powerful tool cleverly used by the dark, and opposition to it is not tolerated. In a balanced society, you would expect matters to be given equal status and presented fairly. However, once the changes take place, the whole situation will be addressed very quickly and you will be given truthful reporting.

The truth of your past is a shocking catalogue of manipulation and deceit, which has reached a new peak this century. For hundreds of years powerful beings have played politics and religion, and many times against each other. The wealth of the land has gradually been acquired by the privileged few, who have perpetuated their ideas into present times. With the sudden growth of advanced technology, they have found a means to implement their plans for world domination. Have you not wondered why so many inventions are simply designed for warlike purposes that have no possible use for peaceful purposes? The technology that could have helped Humanity to progress has been deliberately suppressed. With it, many of today's problems would have been overcome some years ago, and free energy is one of the principal areas.

Without being able to introduce the technology that will solve many problems, the conditions worsen and become chaotic. The dark have taken advantage of these situations, and in creating need make you more dependent upon them. This also enables them to control the money markets in which they use their knowledge to cream off your wealth. All of this could have been totally changed if a different reality had been created. Sad to say, over millennia of time you have accepted domination by those who would lead for selfish reasons, and have established a hierarchy benefiting the privileged few.

So many of you have recognised what has been taking place under your very noses. You have looked for a different way and found it in spiritual enlightenment, and helped create the new reality that has effectively lessened the power of the old. Once enlightened, you see the world with a new pair of eyes; you can stand back and understand what is needed to bring change. What you cannot do without help, is bring in the changes quickly enough so that they will remedy the situation. This is why the Hierarchy decided that the forces of Heaven would be placed before you, and the plan of the Creator would be helped to manifest for those who are desirous and ready for Ascension. In bygone times you have failed to achieve your potential, and each time a new cycle has commenced with yet another opportunity to try again.

There is no disgrace or failure connected with your choosing to reject the opportunity to ascend. You have infinity in which to experience and you do so at your choice of speed. What is known is that every single soul will eventually achieve a higher consciousness and will come into the Light of the higher dimensions. The Universal Laws are based on love and the recognition that All are equal, and One with God.

I am St Germain and ask you to concentrate on the ultimate goal of Ascension. Leave the everyday problems behind and know that soon they shall no more intrude into your life. You will reclaim that position of one who has sovereignty, and enjoy your freedom once more. I work behind the scenes, but soon I shall be openly amongst you. Go forward in strength and unyielding purpose, knowing you have great Beings of Love walking with you.

21st April, 2005 - on the continuing delay

The waiting game continues, but there is more activity taking place than ever before. You would expect it, given that we are taking every opportunity to further our cause. The truth of recent events is reaching many ears, and more importantly those people who are in places of power. Each day more of you question the intentions of your leadership, and serious doubts are entering your minds. Everyone is sick and tired of living in a world that is threatened by terrorists, and religious zealots.

The idea that a quick war could clear away the terrorist threat seemed attractive, and there was much enthusiasm for such action. After all, you have lived under threat for practically all of your lives. What a nice prospect, that peace could be achieved by using the power and might of the most powerful nation in the world. But your hopes have been dashed, as you see the world situation has not really changed. The recent wars in the Middle East have shown that it is a very unstable area and cannot be tamed even by force. The occupation of foreign lands has alienated the populace and terrorism goes on unabated. Indeed, if anything it has created more dissent and anger than existed previously. Your government has used the terrorist threat for its own ends. Fear is used to cajole people into accepting more control than ever before, and to increase its effect, they have created their own form of terrorism. Now you look at a picture that shows a government that is out of control, riding slipshod over anyone who gets in their way. Ignoring the principles of government by the people, and removing your constitutional rights to enhance their control. Fear is such an insidious weapon, so much so that even your representatives are afraid to say something that could appear as challenging your government.

I tell you that there are changes afoot, which are bringing certain groups together who see the danger of allowing the present situation to grow any further. Although the idea of taking steps to remove your leaders was considered to be too radical to pursue, it is now seen that it must happen. It is realised that if you are to bring some sanity into the world, it has to start now. What we now see are two separate movements gradually being drawn together for a single purpose, although the largely secret work that is being carried out by our Earth allies is unknown to the other one. When these people become aware of each other and that they are both working towards the same end, their strength will multiply and much will be achieved.

It always takes some brave souls to come forward and start a movement that would otherwise be crushed by the authorities. However, once it starts it usually snowballs as more people find the courage to join their ranks. Now more than ever, you can read articles of dissent that are revealing the facts about various actions taken by your government. Although the media is still strongly in the grips of the Illuminati, their journalists are beginning to feel uneasy as they see a censorship of news that should be getting into the public domain. Soon, the pressure will bring changes in spite of fear of repression, and then you will see others being bold enough to take up the reins.

The build up of voices against the heinous acts of your government are increasing all the time. The dark are aware of it, and try to rule with a fist of iron by eroding your freedom even further, and they try to install their puppets in positions of power. The fight is on, but the dark do not have enough eyes to see all that is going on and plans to put a stop to their actions forge ahead. I talk here of the work of all of our allies that is fast coming together. It is like some gigantic puzzle, and the last pieces are falling in place. We prefer that the outcome is seen as a natural conclusion to your desires and firm intention, not to let the manifestation of the changes be prevented. We could enforce the changes, but as yet have no reason to do so as we are in control in spite of the outward appearance.

Dear Ones, we have asked a lot of you and appreciate your loyalty to the cause. Every contribution has helped, and we are now at that critical stage where astonishing events will take place. You know now that with such vital action about to occur, we are reluctant to be too specific. Be assured however that we shall achieve our aim to release you from the tyranny of those who would hold you in bondage. We will then be free to openly work with you, and progress will be rapid and all shall be aware of our intentions. We are to restore your Earth, and return the rights of all people upon Earth to live in freedom.

I am St. Germain and I welcome these opportunities to give you the assurance that all proceeds well. A great time is beckoning on the horizon, and true love and friendship will soon abound. In no time at all, we shall be together sharing a wonderful vision of a future free from the worries and concerns that afflict you now. Keep your Light shining and live your dream now, it will come to pass. Great love is with you, go forward with its strength and let no one deter you from your goal.

22nd April 2005 - On Progress towards Change

Let us remind ourselves that the whole purpose of what we have been doing is to bring many activities together. Your success, of which you are assured, is to complete your experiences in duality with the crowning glory of Ascension. Also, remember that on another level it is a step that is vitally necessary to allow your solar system to ascend in its totality. Indeed, it reaches even further and the Creator’s Plan requires that your Universe is lifted up, so that there are no longer the lower dimensions. Evolution moves you ever onwards, and will not cease until All is returned to source.

It is interesting to note that since you first learnt of the benefits of NESARA, and the intention of your space family to come openly into your lives, you have taken the mantle of responsibility to bring these into manifestation. As a result you have created centers of energy all over your Earth, enabling the energies to be grounded. Gradually, with the help of the energy Masters you have created a grid of light that is drawing the energies down, and so your new reality takes form. Bear in mind that everything first exists in thought, and this is why we repeatedly ask you to keep them pure and positively focussed.

Going back a bit further, we can see NESARA was born out of the necessity to restore your constitutional rights. Many times you recognised that your freedom was being eroded, and a sense of fairness was felt to be lacking as you seemed to be at the mercy of the big powers both in politics and commercial dealings. In real terms you have been awakened to the existence of your ET friends for the last 60 years. As you have received their messages, so a yearning has developed to make an open contact with them. They have indicated many times that by being welcomed to Earth, they could enhance your way of life by offering advanced technology and ideas. Their warnings about the damage you are causing to your planet have gone unheeded, and even offers to come to you openly have been rejected by those in power.

Your lives have contained much drudgery, and you seem to have progressed little for the last century. This has not been for the want of new technology to improve the quality of your lives, but the most useful ones have been prevented from coming into being. In time the truth of these matters will be placed before you, and you will find that you have been denied life-saving ideas, along with many that could have prevented the sickness of Earth as you now experience it. Furthermore, you will see that successive leaders and their governments have been corrupt, and their interests have only covered their own greed and power.

Over a long period of time it has gradually dawned on you that something has been wrong. That your quality of life could have been so much better, and you have created another reality to manifest your vision of a society of caring and loving people. But first it starts as an idea, and as more of you have given it strength it has become a force that must bring about its manifestation at some time. NESARA and First Contact have come about because you have willed it to be so, and they represent all that you require to bring your reality into being Nothing can stop it happening, and it will lead you towards the path that is prepared for Ascension.

At this time, there is much activity and speculation as to what will happen next. You know you are so near to seeing some developments that will clearly tell you that the new era has begun. Because you have become so involved, you desire to see the changes start, and an impetus has been created that has suddenly brought others into the same realisation as to what can be achieved. More of you have started to get together in a common purpose, and you have found the strength to restore your dignity and start to claim back that which has been taken from you.

We are delighted that you are taking matters into your own hands, and it was visualised that this was a likely outcome. We will be solidly behind you, and we have the authority to back you to ensure your success. In the scheme of things, it is better that you are seen to be the instigators of change, and your people will respond quite readily to actions about to be taken. We pave the way for you, and will intervene if necessary as it is ordained that you shall succeed.

There is no real change in our plan, except that we see how we can utilise your efforts as well as ours. As a result we will be stronger and a more formidable opponent to the dark. We can be flexible and a few days longer are of no consequence in the broader picture. You know that you are so near to victory, and it is the ultimate goal you need to focus upon. There is a lot at stake, and we have to introduce our ideas so as to create a peaceful situation, and not shock or alienate people who are yet to hear of what is taking place. There are great bands of people who are already working to this end, and the best medium for making the facts known is by word of mouth.

Everything is proceeding well, and do not doubt that your efforts will provide success. There are millions of people, both on and off your world that are involved in this historic and momentous occasion. Lightworkers everywhere are busily contributing to the efforts that are well in hand, that will see results very soon. It is difficult to convey a picture that clearly gives a true impression of the wonderful progress you are making, but it is coming together and we are well pleased with you all.

I am St. Germain and I can say no more than assure you that your determination to bring the changes in is proceeding very well. What you are doing is for the benefit of all mankind, and we thank you from our hearts with great love. You are truly becoming the Angels that you are destined to be.

26th April 2005 - the Energies for Change

If you follow the political scene across the world, you cannot have helped but notice how the situation has become very volatile. The energies for change are affecting countries in many different ways, and the political arena is one where it can manifest quite quickly. You only have to look back at the collapse of Communism in many countries, to see how the strongest bastions of belief can be brought down. It was the power of the people who came together with such focussed thoughts, that brought about the massive changes that happened. In most countries there is unrest, and in the Western World and the Middle East it is clearly rooted in the affect of the war in Iraq. Leaders are being held to account for their roles in supporting an unjustified war against people that presented no threat.

The Iraq war has become the focal point from which the future hangs, and indications are that it will be expanded into other areas of the Middle East. People are aghast at the idea. After centuries of war they have reached the conclusion that it achieves very little for anyone, except those in power with their eyes on other countries resources. The Imperialist days of land grabs and the imprisonment of people in their own country are no longer acceptable. It is seen that there are other ways to live on this planet, both allowing for the individuality to be expressed, and without interference with others. Peace is seen not just as a possibility, but essential at a time when the threat of world-wide destruction is possible.

The expansion in the use of powerful weapons by taking them into space has gone ahead, with the potential danger that no one is safe wherever they are in the world. If ever there was the potential for Armageddon, it will soon arrive if these developments go unchecked. Not a pretty scene, or one that you have contributed to apart from your hard earned money which is being used to fund such plans. The Government that was put into power to reflect your wishes does no such thing, and carries on with its own agenda regardless of public opinion. You know by now, that situations are contrived by them to give the opportunity for the development of their plans. It would seem that that the express train of disaster is heading for the buffers at full speed, and the driver seems oblivious or not to care about the result, or its effect upon the passengers.

Dear Ones, I mention the facts of the activities of the dark, simply to indicate where you are at present. I do so without any purpose of generating further fear, and on the contrary wish you to know that you hold the greatest weapon of all that can halt the dark in their tracks. It is Love, and indeed you have already understood its power to transmute the dark. For quite some years now, you have applied yourselves to anchoring love all over the Earth. Great centers of Light have arisen as a result, and these continue to grow as even more Light is attracted to them. They have become a formidable grid of Light that is forever expanding into the areas of dark. The dark will yield to the Light, and so the planet is quickly changing, and the vibration is being lifted to new levels. The dark have no answer to the Light except to instil fear by whatever methods they can, and up to now they have been very clever if not devious in their ways to achieve it.

You can ignore whatever is happening around you that you can see is calculated to bring about fear. Do not give your energy to it, if you believe that you cannot be touched by it, then it shall have no affect on you whatsoever. This is what I ask of you, and you can do it and thereby contribute to forces of good that will confront the dark with their Love and Light. Sounds impossible you say, using Love against such dark forces, I can tell you that but for your efforts you would have succumbed to the dark a long time ago. However, I let you into a little secret that you also have the full backing and Love of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and that is a force to be reckoned with at any time.

You have never been alone on your travels through physicality. You may not have always acknowledged your group of helpers, but they have always been there for you. Be aware of their presence, talk to them and tell them what it is you desire from them. You can expect miracles where it is appropriate, but leave the way of manifestation up to them. Sometimes things take place in the most unexpected way. If you do not get exactly what you want, please acknowledge the wisdom of those who know you better than yourself, and also know your Karmic commitments in this lifetime. Certainly make your own pathway to achieve your ambitions, but also be ready to seize opportunities that come your way. Your life will not be led for you, but you will certainly get help if you so request it.

Set your sights on what it is you are planning, and as you are often advised, be in the world and not of it. Allow the energies of the dark to pass you by, as they will only impinge upon you if you attract them to yourself. Keep firmly in your private space of harmony that you have created around you, and deflect any attempt to pull you down. To achieve this you must have control over your emotions, and even the most tested and positive people can be caught unawares. Anger is very prevalent on Earth at this time; avoid it as it poisons your body, let alone your mind. You live in hard times to be sure, but the outcome is assured and you need not worry about delays and other distractions that abound at present.

Concern yourself not with the details, but know that everything you have been promised will become yours. You have willed the gifts of the Creator into being, and they will be yours by Divine Decree. The plan for your upliftment has never been more certain, and you can already consider the past behind you. A new vista has opened and you are seeing the first glimpses of the great future that is yours. Look to that future, and let go of the tangled web that still clings to you, that is the old you.

I am St. Germain and tell you all is going to plan. It is a mighty plan that will carry you through to the Ascension that you richly deserve. All heaven rejoices that you have come so far, and you will leave the old Earth behind, and take your place in the Golden Age of beauty, peace and great wonder. As always you are carried forward with immense Love and admiration, and believe me, you are great Beings.

27th April, 2005 - bringing Light and Love to the Planet

There are thousands of people on Earth actively engaged in bringing the present plan to its completion. One which will see much work and dedication bringing changes into your lives that will immediately take you on to a new path. Millions of dear ones from all over your galaxy have also come together to add their expert knowledge and understanding so as to ensure there is a peaceful transition. The result is that in short time, changes of mammoth proportions will take place, rapidly moving your evolution forward. But for the efforts of the dark to prevent such advances, you would have already been well on the path to Ascension.

It is not that as individuals it has really made any difference to your personal application to increasing your Light awareness. Indeed, you have been exemplary in situations that could easily have pulled you down. Now you can see why you are always encouraged to take evolution into your own hands. It has always been your prerogative to handle your own development, and in essence you have not needed anyone else to show you how. However, information is always fed to you through many different channels so that you may take from them anything that furthers your understanding. You are the leaders, and not intended to be led by anyone else. It is your choice as to how you visualize your path, and how you achieve your goals.

Of course, there are times when the teachings of the Masters come your way, and if they resonate with you that is fine and useful for your further education. You find that each one is a stepping stone to an even greater understanding, and so you travel on and your pathway becomes clearer. You were never meant to rely on a teacher for your decisions, and we encourage you to take what is desirable to you and move on. You are in charge of your evolution, and there is no gain to sit comfortably within a group or society that dictates to you how you should lead your life. Spiritual advancement and how you achieve it is down to you, and you should always be looking for the next challenge and step up in your everlasting quest for the truth.

At different times, dear souls do come together for a purpose or a mission that they have undertaken. That is clearly in order and in so doing they are often giving a helping hand to others, as they show the way by example. What we do not want to see, is people stuck with dogma that is holding them back. It is too easy to go along with the herd, although it does give people a feeling of oneness and purpose. However, as individuals you must always be looking for the greater truth, and not be scared to question your teachers. Better still, sit in those quiet periods and speak with your Higher Self and do not be afraid to accept the answers. You will not be misled, and sincere seeking will bring to you sincerity and truth. Where else can you find anyone as reliable as your Higher Self, who has your interests at heart and is your Godself.

Lightworkers are already aware of the need to follow their intuition, and usually have an open link with their Higher Self. They converse with their 'companion' all of the time and a dialogue continues so naturally they hardly realize it. This is a wonderful development and a sure sign that these ones have found their feet. There is confidence and assurance in what they do, and a great faith that guides them ever onwards. Clearly not every one has come into this lifetime sufficiently prepared to carry out Light work. If you have aspirations to help out, even a simple prayer each day on behalf of those who have needs, will help bring more light to the planet. If you want to become active in group work, then you can join a meditation group and for example help heal the Earth. There are many options, so find one that gives you pleasure and fulfilment. Work of this nature is not a chore, and only need be as demanding as you make it.

At this critical and important time on Earth, many are feeling called to help out. It is a matter of determining what qualities or skills you have that can be used for the general good of all. Be realistic and do not set your sights too high, and remember every contribution in bringing more Light and Love to the planet helps the energies to grow. Everything that is done freely for another soul is carried out with compassion and without any expectation of reward. Look for an opportunity to satisfy your desire to help, and remember there are numerous ways to do charitable work.

Look at what is going on around you now, no one who is involved in bringing you NESARA or First Contact does it for personal gain or any reason other than the joy and happiness that they know it will bring. Why do these events impact on you so readily? I say it is because they carry the energies of great love and change and the fulfilment of the vision of the Creator. A new beginning has already started and the old must change or disappear, as it has run its path. There are still the defiant ones that in their arrogance and egotistical imaginings believe they can still hold their power. It is however a power that is misplaced, and they will soon be removed and given another chance to turn to the Light.

I am St. Germain and hardly need to remind you of the historic time you are within. With Love and understanding I cajole the dark forces to concede that their time is up, and allow the inevitable changes that are for the good of all mankind. I may yet touch their hearts that have been hardened by their unyielding focus on selfish goals. I am pleased to say that many of you have understood this approach, and see their Brothers and Sisters in need of great love and healing, and are prepared to send these energies to them. No matter how the changes are finally brought about, those removed will be treated with reverence to the God spark that is within each one. Dear Ones, there is little time left for the dark to concede their position, and the day of reckoning and victory for Light fast approaches. Be part of the great Love energies that envelop your Earth and are lifting her up out of the mire of ages past. I ever love you all for your fortitude and patience.


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