St GERMAIN speaks on

3 Jun 2003


Now is the time for all good men/women to come to the aid of their country.

The destiny encoded in your DNA memory cells have awakened. You are here to serve the Golden Age. The battles of Light and Dark have ceased. That meaning the finale. The end to the world of duality and karma. Can you feel the difference in the energy that is and has been pouring into this planet? Do you have a sense of knowing the game has changed? Well change it most assuredly has, Dear Ones. The predators of darkness have lost their last battle and the feeding frenzies from these dark ones have come to its end. You will see in the next few days an exposure of events that has taken place come fully into the light. The secret agendas of the predators have been exposed. This will come across your media like a rapid succession of details, proven to be true beyond a shadow of any doubt. The announcement of NESARA is rapidly on its way as I speak to you Now!!

Before this Divine Shift these disclosures of the predators will come forth to the masses. The canary is singing and singing because they have no other choice now but to sing. There is nothing left in place now, but the truth exposed and nothing but the truth. These truths finally exposed will pave the way for the announcement of NESARA to be very well accepted as the Soul-utions for the next step for the Golden Age to be established in America and the World’s Freedoms restored on all levels. The scales of Divine Justice have been established for all humanity. The law of One demands correction of all distortions. It is done.

We ask you to continue to receive and establish this Light into every fiber of your being and to hold the doorways open for all humanity to be and live in peace together as One. All prayers have been heard and answered. Trust the Source. Know all has been corrected and the patterns have been changed. The reason you (The Children of Light) came to establish here and now. The doorways have been slung wide open and will never be closed again. This we commend you all for making possible. We wish for each of you to hold on to your haloes for you each are in for the ride of your life.

With much joy we salute you and commend you for your tenacity and courage and commitment to hold the Light of Truth to return to earth as above so below. There are many Masters, ETs and Angels in collaboration with you all to appropriate the wealth of the Source to all humanity. The end of suffering has arrived. The Source keeps its promises. This truth you can take to the bank!!!

We Bid You Peace

St. Germain

Tele-communicated by Kara, 3 Jun 2003.

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