St. Germain on Post-NESARA

08 Oct-2003

St. Germain: Good afternoon, dear ones.

Bob: Good afternoon! I would like to ask a question. Are you the St. Germain that walks in the Christ white light of the most radiant ones?

St. Germain: I am that I am. I am the one who carries the cross of truth and justice for the people of this country, United States for America, and for the world.

Bob: Thank you, St. Germain. What we would like to ask you to do today - Give our energy group workers an introduction to this work and what you see for us to be doing now and post-NESARA. So, whatever comments you have would be wonderful today.

St. Germain: First, it is my pleasure to welcome you all to this work, to this service that you bring yourselves and the world. This is, indeed, a time of change, a time of transmutation, a time when all of you are taking back the power that you have given away all these millennia. This was a planned event and now we are reaching the close of that plan. We are reaching the beginning of the new plan. This new plan shall create itself as it goes along. You beautiful people who listen to these words are a pivotal part of this plan, this new beginning. I wish to welcome you to this work, to this exchange and this sharing of spirit for the benefit of NESARA and all that that entails. This is, indeed, a moment of truth for all of you. For you have strived and you have worked to bring yourselves to this point. I realize the hardships that some of you have had along the way on this road. And I am here to tell you that soon all of your work, all of your sacrifice will come to fruition. And you will be finding yourselves immersed in the golden glow of the abundance that is coming your way. You will find new creations of prosperity that you will be involved with. You will find that the work you do now creates a foundation upon which you will live your lives in harmony, in unity, in love, in compassion for all within your family of man and divinity.

I ask you to sit quietly for a moment and review in your minds and your hearts what has taken place in the last few months. I ask you to review these events with a heart full of compassion, with a heart full of love, with a vision of the holiness of everyone with whom you share this planet. Those who play their parts in ways that make them appear as the enemy are some of the most profoundly divine beings that are in existence these days. I ask that you take these beings under your wings and love them with a compassion that transmutes. I ask that you hold them in your holy divinity and see them as you are, children of the Source, the Creator, and hold that light in your beingness for ever more. As you walk these roads of service to humanity, carry with you that love and that compassion. Resist not the temptations that come your way to falter in that. Holding, love the light. For these times will reflect that which you hold in your hearts and that which you hold in your intentions for this new golden age. You are the best we have and that is absolutely perfect. For you create in your intent to be the best you are and that is all we can ask. I tell you this - there is no greater cause than to bring the abundance and the love and the compassion into your lives and watch it reflect out to the rest of all that is.

Bob: St. Germain, is there anything you can tell us about what's happening with the World Court at this moment?

St. Germain: What is happening in that venerable place is a renewing of past memories and a blanketing of old, seemed error in judgment. We, as beings of the light, realize there are no errors. Some of those who are living in that energy at the time are working through what has been considered to be error. They are bringing that very perception upwards into the light and declaring it perfection. This is what is taking place in those venerable halls of justice of the world.

Bob: St. Germain, we have been getting messages from you and Sananda and other sources recently that there is an armada of ships ready to land. Can you give us some more information as to what we can expect when this happens?

St. Germain: What I can tell you is, as these members of your family come home to greet you, you will begin to remember your position in the family. These beings, most of them will appear as you do. They will not look at all foreign. These beings will come forward and take your hands and offer their assistance. They will announce their identities, their origins. They will offer their services to you. They will come in a way that will be undeniable and will carry an element of safety to all who observe. For such is their capability to bring an energy of love and compassion that can only be interpreted as love, security, harmony and compassion. These beings will come all at once and their timing will be impeccable. And you will see that which I mean when it happens.

Bob: Another question comes to mind, St. Germain. Can you give us a little idea - post-NESARA, there will be many of us who step forward willing to take a leadership role; others will choose to do other kinds of great activities - Can you tell us a little bit about what you see us doing, as the group, and beyond here of course, even around the world, post-NESARA?

St. Germain: It is a magnificent sight I see. I see all the components of this great network operating in unity. Each of you takes your own place. There is room for everyone within this network and everyone has his own chosen position. There will be those who will take a leadership stance and walk among the people sharing spirit, sharing the spirit of NESARA. There will be those who will follow in their footsteps, who will converse with the people, who will sup with them, who will share a cup of tea with one person, perhaps, who asks for counsel. There will be those who will remain behind their computers in an organizational manner. There will be those who will be called from their computers, from time to time, to go to different places, setup different occurrences and different meetings. There will be those who will, one-on-one, share the story of NESARA and the spirit behind it. There will be various roles that will be played. There will be various positions that will be filled. And it all will work in unity with all of the dreams that have been set in place and are continuing to unfold. For this all works together, you see. Any dreams that any of you may have had for any of the work that you have chosen to do that have come against stonewalls, barriers, you will see that this will start opening up, the stonewalls will fall away and crumble. And the works will be able to come forth and be done in conjunction with the work of NESARA. For you see, that is the way of spirit, all works hand-in-hand in harmony. And that is why this will all happen together, an inter-meshing of all of the aspects of living on this beautiful Mother Earth, of relating to each other in a familial, caring way. Established institutions will begin to be transmuted and brought to a spiritual way of expression. This will all happen hand-in-hand. Everyone on this beautiful planet will be working in their spirit work to bring harmony to every, every particle of life on planet Earth.

Bob: Thank you, St. Germain. As you know, we're all sitting on the edges of our chairs these days waiting for the announcement to come forth. So, in closing, what kind of closing statement would you like to make for our group?

St. Germain: I would like to say that I see a beacon. And this beacon shines forth from every corner of the Earth. It is one beacon in harmony and as we stride forth into our days, this beacon intensifies in its light. It reaches further and further out into the solar system, the galaxy, and eventually the universe. And when that light touches the ships that are waiting beyond Jupiter, that is when there will be contact with your family from the heavens. My friends, that is not far away. The light reaches out in its magnificence. It is touching the rings of Saturn at this time. So, to give you an idea of the scope of when it will reach those mother ships beyond Jupiter, I tell you that only in the last three months has this light extended itself beyond Venus and this is an immeasurable distance to have traveled in this amount of time. This is the speed at which you are lighting up the world and your lives. There is no rate at which this light can be predicted to reach out. You are doing it, my dear ones. You are creating this extension of light. And soon it will reach and touch its goal and as the beacons act, the family will come forth and welcome you home into their hearts and souls. I bid you all a Good Day and Blessings.

Bob: Thank you, beloved St. Germain, for these mighty fine words today. And we look forward to the next time we can chat and bring another message from you to this group. Good Day.

From: yves vidal

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