July 25,2003

St. Germaine: Good afternoon and I am St. Germaine, and we have work to do this morning. This morning, this day, for the next few days, we all have work to do. And we will dedicate ourselves to getting NESARA announced. It is in the hands of the people now, and the people are beginning to take it into their hands and see that they are the ones who will bring this forward.

Bob: Hello, St. Germaine; and welcome. I am just going to ask you a general question. Are you the St. Germaine energy who walks in the Christ White Light of the most radiant one?

St. Germaine: That I AM, that I AM. I AM the one who walks in the violet flame. I am the one who walks among the White Knights, in the World Court, at the UN; in all places that I deem myself to be.

Bob: Very good, you answered half my questions. So what we would like to do, understanding that it's in our hands, is ask for guidance so that we can be sure that we walk beyond our ego as much as we possibly can at this time. There's much information that comes from the Dove site, which is on the Fourwinds10 site, which also has the Jennifer reports. And this is good because it's a large network already established. My concern is this; the Dove is very busy with doing daily reports and doing the research necessary, plus all the e-mails she gets. Then there are the others on the site, such as Patrick Bellringer, who I'm sure are in the same situation. So being able to bring and share ideas with them can be more than they can deal with. After reading the Dove report last night (July 24th, 2003], I realized that it was a wonderful report that really had the potential to stir up much energy, which is what we need. It seems to me what we need now is unity, unity between all of us who are working on this thing. We need all chiefs, ideas from everyone. We need a plan. We need to discuss what would go into that plan, and then take action. Can you comment on that please?

St. Germaine: First of all, I wish to say, the Dove reports are indeed directed from the Higher self of this person. The woman who walks around as Dove is in her higher self she operates in the best interest of those who walk around on this planet. She has come to this mission with a directive from Heaven. She is operating in that energy. When she began this quest those years ago, she did so with the Grace of Heaven. She chose to come from the clutches of death and fulfill her mission, which she is doing now. What she wrote yesterday [July 24th, 2003] was a spark to ignite something within each of you who are listening now, to know your parts in bringing this forward. This is the destiny of this country, and of this world. To be the new Jerusalem, and to extend that energy throughout all of the energy on the planet, and I would say, within. When we all band together and bring our intent into this law, we do so from the intent that we set down many, many eons ago. This was implemented in the energetic byways in which we have been evolving through all these eons. This particular expression of this energy has come forward in this manner for this suits the purpose that the energy represented.

When NESARA comes forward over the television screens and through the radios, it will be because a band of people got together through the internet, through community services, through going out into the people and demanding, commanding that the light behind this law shine itself forward for all to see. All the delays have been instrumental in bringing forward fears in so many of you. The fears that, until they were seen and worked through, prevented NESARA from being announced. Realize, my brothers and my sisters, the fears that you all hold in your auras have effect on the whole. Once you are shown what those fears are so that you may release them, you have let go of another aspect that keeps the truth of NESARA from coming forward. If you look upon NESARA as merely a facet of the physicalness of your being then you do not see the whole story. You see only that which is before your conscious eyes.

When you feel the stirrings that NESARA brings forth, then you know it's touching something deep within each and everyone of you, and it's saying, "Oh yes; this is what it is that I'm forgetting. This is the energy that I'm being reminded of." It's called freedom my friends; and it's called taking the responsibility for your lives back into your hands, and thrusting forward in love, in purpose, and in the strength that you bring to this mission. Dove is not the only one who has a mission in this. We all do. We all have a mission to bring this into our lives, and yes, I include myself and Master Sananda as well, and all the ascended beings who are working with you. This is our story, and this is our mission. Not only for planet earth, but for the rest of the universe. There's only one thing that you can do, and that is to follow your hearts through your minds, and proceed in that direction. Take your directives from your higher selves, from your God within, and follow that. Follow it to your fullest, and take your lives back into your hands.

Bob: We feel like there's a possibility that we can bring all of the sites on the Internet together in a common agreement as to how to proceed, maybe it's more than sending a postcard to the world court; maybe it's something like buying ads in newspapers, sending letters to the congress, and various kinds of things we can do as a large group banded together. Maybe we can become a bigger group who share ideas, and act upon them.

St. Germaine: If you could see as I see, all the particular sites around the globe that are featuring NESARA in a strong way, you would see the pattern. You would see the divinity within the placement of all these sites, the location; and you would see the network that is in place. Within each of these sites lies the potential to make this connection strong and sure around the globe. You have it within these networks. You have it within your capacity to reach out and touch everyone on this planet, every single person on this planet. There is a capacity to do that. Search within your potential, search within that intuitive knowledge you have within. Find the means by which you can network this out along the grid, the grid of the Internet. This can reach many, many, many people, just by clicking your mice. Allow this energy of connection and communication to flow in a wave around the globe. Ask your inner guidance for the means by which to do this; this is imperative. I could sit here and tell you all the steps. It is for you to search within and find the answers that you have within. It's not for me to do it for you. It is for me to tell you that you have it; you have that means by which to do it. And I know that you will find it. I know that you will tap into that inner resource that you have. And I see it already. I see that golden web, vibrating already, vibrating with energy, vibrating with beautiful light. And that's all I see; I see no shadow; I see no shadows. There's no room for shadows, only the light.

Bob: Would you like to make a closing statement for the ones who will be listening to and reading this message?

St. Germaine: Yes indeed; I wish to say to each and every one of you how I adore all of you, how much I revere and respect every single one of you, for I have seen what you are to do. I have seen you doing it; I have seen the power in your choices. I have seen you beautiful souls swimming through what you create. I have seen you standing hand in hand with each other. I have seen you standing with me, and with Master Sananda and all of the others. I have seen us all waving our glory. I have seen us all standing side by side welcoming our family from the heavens. I've seen it all my friends, and it's not that far away. Gathering your strength together in the web of communication. Going out into your communities. Finding within the resources that get this done. This is what I see; this is what I know will happen, for it has happened already. Bring it into your reality, and see it as I do. You are all beautiful beings, and I welcome you to my energies, and I will return very soon, after you have set this in motion. And I will come with tears in my eyes, for I know what you are capable of. And so it is.

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