otherwise known as the "Reformation Act"

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

18th November, 2003

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts! Many events are unfolding in this realm that remain yet unknown to most of you. They will mark the dawn of a new reality. Its coming will herald an end to millennia of want and division, and to the widespread lack of knowledge regarding what actually is occurring on your world. While the dark were deft in using these incidents to manipulate you into doing their bidding, the Light is about to lift the dark veil. This inevitable change is a signal that your ultimate victory is near. Our purpose remains to observe these covert affairs closely and to intervene, when called upon, by either our Earth allies or your Ascended Masters. This prolonged stand-by makes your first contact extremely unique. Never before, after a divine call, have we been asked to play a largely silent, secondary role. However, this present situation is unique and warrants strategies unheard-of in our previous first contact operations. As a rule, such a long delay solicits an order from our local Galactic Federation Regional Council to abandon first contact until a much more auspicious time.

Such orders have not yet been given because of what you represent to this galaxy. You are the indispensable key to permanent galactic peace. We have mentioned this subject to you many times before and do not wish to discuss it in any great detail. However, be aware that presently, the whole of the Galactic Federation of Light is putting significant pressure upon the parties responsible for the current delays. We are pleased to observe that this continuing pressure is making headway, and can truthfully state that this pressure, together with actions by very powerful groups and well-placed individuals, is leading to your victory! Although we are not pleased with the speed at which this is occurring, we can report that progress is being made. As always, this onward movement can lead to a sudden, major breakthrough, which will make possible the full and rapid manifestation of the chief points in our 1998 agreements. This could come at any time. Therefore, dear Ones, we ask you to remain focused and to do whatever you feel will help to achieve this victory.

Our main concern is the creation of an event that will bring an end to our present secondary situation. We are eager to intervene more actively and forcefully on your behalf. However, as we noted earlier, our continuing and proper diligence is resulting in significant progress indeed. We are anxious to finally break the log-jam that, up till now, has slowed our progress. Our liaisons and special diplomats are constrained both by the decisions of our Earth allies and the decrees issued them by your Ascended Masters. Consequently, we have petitioned our priests and priestesses to ask Lord Surea for divine guidance in these matters. The decrees thus issued will serve as the basis for our ongoing actions. If we are ordered by Lord Surea to intervene more directly, we will swiftly follow these sacred decrees. In any case, dear Hearts, the quick completion of this first contact mission is our highest priority. Our fleets remain cloaked in near-Earth space and in your atmosphere. This delay has lasted far too long. The time arrives for us to appear and put an end to the fallacy that we do not exist.

As we survey your world, we see a realm in transition. We also observe extreme stubbornness, misinformation and ever-increasing levels of global chaos. The secret groups that control your world have reached a critical crossroads in their divisive warfare. The old power structure, this last cabal, continues to crumble. Still, its approaching demise has signaled a recent emergence of new and draconian international banking laws. In order to regain its dwindling power, this cabal has tied these new, strict, financial rules into one final, all-out attempt at supremacy. Realizing this, our Earth allies have set in motion a series of actions that are designed to overturn these rulings. Consequently, the immense displeasure of certain important groups and individuals is causing your abundance programs, and a new set of more favorable international financial laws, to move quickly toward manifestation. These developments go far beyond N.E.S.A.R.A. They point to a new, cooperative world in which vast, accumulated wealth and its corollary, power, will not control your world's governments.

In this new realm, dear Ones, your present formal disavowal of our existence must cease. Furthermore, our role in your ultimate success will demand full disclosure. We will also need to assist in the final stages of your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. This procedure took many millennia to manifest, and the enormity of the final operation will require our guidance. Heaven assures us that the last step in this process will occur quickly. Nonetheless, the vast amount of information and limitless abilities imparted to you will necessitate someone who can teach you the techniques for overcoming any potential difficulty. Finally, you will be compelled to expand your concept of Heaven and how it relates to physicality. Thus, Heaven assigned specific undertakings for your heavenly guides and set us the task of aiding them in these vital matters. We eagerly look forward to carrying out these assigned duties.

This is a time when many processes have been set in motion. We feel confident that your long-promised transformation is about to occur. This shift will alter your consciousness and profoundly change this galaxy. Keep in mind that what is occurring here is even significantly affecting this galaxy. Heaven constantly mentions to us the importance of what is unfolding here. You, dear Ones, are its chosen foot-soldiers in a relatively bloodless revolution that is destined to shape a new reality for you and, indeed, for this entire galaxy. Your Sun and Mother Earth are in the throes of violent change. That change, as we have also noted in previous messages, will alter their very appearance and even the way this solar system's energy system operates. You are swiftly moving into a new state governing the interrelationship between matter and energy.

In this regard, remember that you live in a conscious Universe. Concepts of multiverses and parallel worlds are erroneous. The near-infinite levels of this universe called physicality are created and lived out by consciousness. That consciousness is alive and thoroughly connected. Its great Blue Light of Creation formed the multitudes of galaxies, glowing and dark space, and the magnificent objects you observe in each night's sky. This great Light also created things you cannot yet see. All of this sacred beauty exists as physicality. Soon, its unutterable immensity will be fully known to you. Then, like us, you will truly comprehend its boundlessness, its magnificence and its simplicity. Only a few key conscious formulas hold the solution to its manifestation. The sacred geometry given your ancestors is only part of the elements that form these divine equations.

The new reality approaching you holds countless surprises. It also will open up limitless vistas that presently are beyond your comprehension. We cannot stress this enough. Look forward into your new world, dear Hearts, and see that your positive actions are making it possible. Together, we shall be victorious! The events that are occurring will grant you even more than you can possibly conceive. We ask you simply to see the present for what it is - a powerful illusion that is losing its hold on you. As such, it can, and will, do all it deems possible to retain its grip on you. Your task is to use your natural abilities to focus single-mindedly on your success. That success is inevitable, as is our completion of your first contact! Visualize the necessary events manifesting now; envision, as well, our direct intervention occurring now! As we have just said: we shall be victorious!

Today, we have discussed first contact's progress. We updated you briefly concerning the last cabal's attempts to prevent the international movement of funds to and from North America, and the disturbing effect this is having on international finance. But these acts are producing the opposite effect, allowing your new reality to be born. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the perpetual Abundance and infinite Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)


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