otherwise known as the "Reformation Act"

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Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3rd May 2005

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more interesting subjects to discuss with you. Lately, your world has been on the verge of great governmental and financial changes. These alterations are part of a procedure that also includes an immense worldwide abundance program. In addition, this operation will mark the first time that the various militaries of North America have supported the ouster of their government. The peoples of this world can no longer tolerate the illegal actions of this last cabal and, especially, its ever-growing global belligerence. However, these actions engendered the coming together of a broad national and international coalition aimed solely at driving this destructive clique from power. This goal has obtained the full approval of Mother Earth's Ascended Masters. It is essential that a time of peace and growing cooperation be now formally established upon your world. With this peace assured and with governments in power aligned with Heaven's divine cause, a formal termination of the long-standing UFO cover-up can finally ensue.

These developments can signal the start of the initial period we briefly referred to in our last message. It is important to set up an agenda that emphasizes peace and global cooperation. It can make possible the sharing of new technological resources. Your secret governments possess a large inventory of exotic technologies capable of resolving your present pollution problems as well as new modes of transportation. These can not only teleport individuals to any spot on the Earth instantly, but also move large cargoes across your world at incredible speeds. Further, a whole slew of communication and free energy devices exist which can liberate you from the use of fossil fuels and end the need for televisions, radios, and phones, which emit dangerous amounts of radiation. These devices are jam-proof and spy-proof and are based on crystal light technologies that work by effecting communications between the natural brain-wave patterns of each individual-a precursor of direct telepathy. Other devices, not yet discussed, can be made available in addition to our own Galactic Federation technologies.

Our contribution is to oversee the complete disclosure of this amazing inventory. We also intend to provide you with technologies that can allow you to rebuild your cities and urban areas within mere days or weeks, instead of years. All 'solid objects' on your world are made of reconstituted energies and given the appearance of solidity. Hence, whole buildings, for example, and their component parts are in essence 3-D mental constructs-your collective belief in what they are makes them exist in a specific state. Our technology takes these constructs and in a flash materializes them. Food, clothing, houses, even large buildings, can be produced in the twinkling of an eye. This can end your reliance on the manufacturing and construction industry and even on agriculture. The defining element becomes your own personal creativity and collective design concepts. These technologies stress consciousness. This term goes beyond mere awareness; it is founded on creativity and attitude to life. This world is only a collective illusion, which can be altered by positive and detailed 'thoughts' (intentions).

As you move through this initial period of change, much will be revealed to you about the cruel and immoral nature of this last cabal. It mercilessly killed thousands of innocent citizens during its September 11th, 2001 terror attack. The originators of this terrorism were not foreigners, but a special group within the secret government's special operations division. The purposes of this attack were to complete an attempt at taking full control of your government and to disempower those who were seeking the removal of this cabal from office. This special ops division also intended to 'stage' a number of subsequent 'terrorist' attacks which they had hoped would result in the complete overthrow of your Constitution. This would have put this cabal in a position of immense global power. However, action taken jointly by our Earth allies and by us prevented the last parts of this scenario from ever occurring.

Our primary intention is to oversee a first contact that includes a further unveiling of your Constitution and its amended pledge to permit the flowering of your natural, unalienable rights. These rights form the foundations of what the Ascended Masters intend as the beginnings of your galactic society. This society needs to take responsibility for allowing the grand potential of every person to be manifested on Earth. A galactic society is also designed to nurture and sustain Mother Earth and her complex, fragile eco-system. With this in mind, the Governing Council of Agharta intends to show you how this can be easily and lovingly accomplished. The next stage in your history is one for disclosure and learning, and for you to discover that your global society is not alone. It forms only a part of all those humans who have lived on or within Mother Earth for untold millennia.

Agharta and its capital of Shamballah are eager for this right divine time of disclosure and cooperation to begin. They have formed special committees relegated to assisting you with your earthly tasks of divine devotion. Mother Earth needs to change her surface configuration and the composition of her atmosphere. A new firmament needs to be put in place above you, and a number of now-submerged continents and other surface features need to see again the bright light of day. This will necessitate major Earth changes comprising enormous seismic and volcanic upheavals, and obviously you will need to be elsewhere when these are finally allowed to happen. These events will be delayed, however, until you have finished your various tasks and begun the last aspects of your transformation into fully conscious physical Angels.

Mother Earth's inner world and her better-known surface world together possess an astounding diversity of life. Your planet's inner core, or Central Sun, actually 'heats' up your planet. The Sun's energies simply determine how the inner core energies are dispersed. Mother Earth's geomagnetic, geo-electric, and gravitational fields interlink to form the life-giving essence that is truly her heart and soul. This living entity is the sacred vehicle you now inhabit. Many coming disclosures will change forever how you define 'life form', or even how you categorize 'life'. These facts will swiftly revolutionize your science's core paradigms and bring you to a much clearer understanding of how physicality is formed. As we have stated many times, a great shift in your consciousness is preparing you for your new reality.

This new reality is raising up to replace a presently accepted world-view that greatly limited your perception of physicality. These limitations produced societal systems across your world that were at times cruel and quite controlling of their citizens. The changes begun within you many decades ago by Heaven allow the process of ongoing positive change to proceed and flourish. Now this divine intervention is reaching a moment when the results of these changes are to manifest before you. The first contact mission of the Galactic Federation of Light aided this process. The workings of Heaven and the divine plan ensure a most glorious future for every one of you. Now you need to focus on your role in this operation and use your growing abilities to help us complete this procedure in a timely and appropriate manner.

Today, we have continued our discussion of what is preparing to happen on your world. We ask you to stay fully committed and focused both on your success and on your intentions for this swiftly manifesting new realm. Remember, Together We are Victorious! Blessings, dear Ones. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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