otherwise known as the "Reformation Act"

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3rd May 2005

Selamat Jarin! We return once again, dear Ones, with more to discuss with you! Every day, the tyranny of this last cabal grows. Over the past few months, they have tried in many different ways to consolidate their ill-gotten power. The illegal regime they control has focused tenaciously on methods to destabilize and terrorize your world. The abrupt rise in oil prices, which mirror the last drastic price increases at the start of their first term, is an example of the former; the deliberate spreading, on numerous occasions, of a global pandemic is a more dastardly example of the latter. They also support a range of treasonous activities, such as the international drug trade; they launder money to the tune of many trillions of dollars and enforce a dangerously aggressive foreign policy that has brought your world to the very brink of ruin. Despite the assiduousness of our Earth allies, their progress may appear snail-like. Our objective is to continue to "stir their pot", but we also invite our allies to take immediate action. We endorse a mode of engagement that can cast out this dark cabal and at last bring you your new reality!

To this end, we have joined forces with the more eager elements of our Earth allies and have petitioned your Ascended Masters for the authority to oust the miscreants from office. To date the Ascended Masters have responded by declaring that the system instituted by our allies is working and that shortly, and within the prescribed timeframe, the long-awaited operations will be launched by them. Our part is currently to support them, provide needed resources, and assist in security. Further responsibilities will be given when this process reaches critical mass. Due to these restrictions, we limited ourselves during the past week to the tasks so assigned to us. However, we also stay on course with our own objectives by repeating our requests to the various administrative "leaders" of this coalition. As always, we can confirm to you that a wide range of global maneuvers is progressing. This requires a great deal of secrecy and involves putting a large number of people at risk for long periods of time.

We respect the great courage and unsurpassed dedication of our Earth allies. However, their waiting for "the right time" needs to be upgraded to a doggedness to achieve results as soon as possible. In late 1963, a coup was carried out which completed an eight-decade-long operation to stifle the growth of democracy in this nation. Over the past four decades, this same group plotted incessantly to achieve permanent, total dominance of North America and, the entire planet! During this period, we watched these scoundrels scheming first with their off-world overlords, the Anunnaki, and later amongst themselves. This scrutiny revealed irrefutably their cunning and their true evil intentions for your world. Yet, those seeking this cabal's ouster continue to place more reliance on their own resources than on ours. We grant the strong xenophobia persisting in most of you, but the fact remains that our "good offices" can go a long way to solving any present or future difficulties. Hence, we again openly invite those in a strong position to carry this matter forward to favor us and simply ask us for assistance.

This open request to our Earth allies to respond positively to our offer in no way belays their great-unsung labors to complete many vital, fundamental undertakings. These assure your world of a new financial and monetary system. In addition, the foundations are laid for a new international system of laws designed to end strife and division and promote harmony and cooperation. This system is presently dormant and can only be instituted when the last dark, North American based, cabal is driven from power. As noted many times before, this task is Herculean, and is requiring an exorbitant amount of manpower and resources to accomplish its goal, albeit an inevitable one. We are suggesting that the skills of our diplomatic and governmental liaisons can greatly speed these actions toward success. The few remaining logjams can be speedily resolved by the simple expedient of joining our personnel with yours.

As these remaining hurdles resolve themselves, our liaisons are ready to present a variety of scenarios that can at last move your world swiftly forward. Many enterprises are to be initiated once this cabal is removed from power by our Earth allies. This countercoup is to end the processes that have enormously limited the freedom and sovereignty of this world. You are to be rapidly released from the ravages of this dark cabal and its many former "friends". Our Earth allies promise to extend a vast global debt forgiveness and to neutralize certain financial imperatives that have bankrupted many individuals and skewed the promise of nationhood for many countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. This new economic lease of life is to end the sway that many dictatorial multinationals have held during the last six decades. These benefits lie at the very root of a formal first contact.

To us, first contact is quickly becoming the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Its formal arrival can mark the end of the "octopus" of power that has long controlled your global society. When we came to your planet over a decade ago, the Galactic Federation of Light had approved a standard first contact with you. Since then, this mission has hugely changed its tactics and its modus operandi: our objective to bring you, en masse, to an awareness of our beneficent presence has been reinterpreted to include a system to encourage you to deeply reform your governmental structures, your modes of communication, and even your basis of self-perception. We are proud of the amount of change this brought you. In view of this growth in consciousness, we allowed the usual first contact operating procedures to adapt to this ever-changing state of affairs.

First contact continues to be uppermost on our agenda. Despite the many accommodations, our commanders are unwavering in their dedication to a mass contact with the peoples of Mother Earth. Our assignment is to ensure that the changes discussed in these messages be quickly manifested. It has brought us into close interaction with the strange political and diplomatic vicissitudes of your society. These encounters have only strengthened our resolve to successfully conclude this first contact mission. To this end, we have maintained a steady stream of reports and meetings between our Earth allies and us. We have also nurtured friendly and respectful relations with Mother Earth and her Spiritual Hierarchies. Our mission is to establish contact with you and to return you to your true function as physical Angels.

A return to full consciousness is your inevitable destiny. The moment has arrived for this project, at long last, to manifest. This is one of the sacred decrees of the divine plan. Thus, Heaven is active in supporting your moves toward full consciousness. These myriad initiatives have achieved many successes, and these are now poised on the brink of their promised manifestation. We ask you not to lose faith in this bright future. Remain committed, dear Hearts, and truly know, deep within you, that the glorious moment of our return is close at hand. We also ask you to continue preparing yourselves for your roles as our assistants in this massive first contact scenario. The world around you is in transition, from its dark old ways to its rebirth into the Light. Never forget, dear Ones, that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we have discussed what is so close at hand. We have also issued a declaration, inviting our Earth allies to join forces with us in more cooperative ways, in order to rapidly carry out whatever remains to be accomplished before our inevitable and resounding success! As ever, we ask you to stay on course and firmly focused upon your destined triumph! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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