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Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

10th May 2005

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more to discuss with you! As always, we remain adamant in our devotion to First Contact. Since the first days of this project, we have stated our desire to successfully complete this sacred task. However, around you is a vast menagerie of people and institutions whose level of commitment runs the gamut from fervent desire to help us to mere lukewarm persuasion. These wide differences of opinion cause increasing mental and emotional conflicts within the corps of our Earth allies. Yet despite this, their plans to free this world of its onerous oppressors go forward. Our liaison teams report that the morale of our Earth allies remains high. Several important roadblocks that were hindering their success were cleared by the end of last week. What now lies ahead seems quite manageable, and we foresee an increased pace toward victory. In this next stage, victory can come at any moment, and when the countercoup has been effected, the timetable for First Contact can at last be known.

This complex process has seen its fair share of frustrations and missed opportunities. Moreover, a new global financial framework cannot be set up overnight. But despite these challenges, those involved throughout all levels of this endeavor are most confident of their success. They perceive themselves to be very like the Allies in World War II just before the start of the Normandy invasion. The pivotal difference with the present mission is that swiftly cutting off the dragon's head will be the first action undertaken, thus preventing the carnage that accompanied the Normandy campaign. This will be possible because of the high-tech nature of the operation and the stringent secrecy enveloping the plans. The main requirement is to stay "below the radar" until the first components of the plan have been swiftly executed. Our role is in two main areas: First, we are to block access to any forms of high-tech emergency communication designed for use during just such eventualities. Second, we are to ensure that the communication systems that are to be used directly after the countercoup are not jammed.

Once these essential elements are completed, we can begin the final countdown for First Contact. During recent meetings between our Earth allies and us, a detailed timetable for this counter-coup operation was laid out. The prime requirement continues to be the coordination of our actions with those of our Earth allies. Because our main task involves communication suppression, it is crucial that we not begin before various vital early actions are implemented. Our Earth allies have been assured that, once initiated, our contribution to this campaign will proceed like clockwork. A series of special codes is in effect between us. We have also assigned a group of our defense forces to monitor all movements of our Earth allies. They are to receive immediate, appropriate assistance if any miscues suddenly appear during the preliminary operations. The initial, swift incursions will form the "snowball" that is to launch an unstoppable avalanche. Once underway, this meticulously planned strike will sweep the last dark cabal from power.

Our time is spent monitoring your world for what lies ahead. It is vitally important that this dark North American regime be successfully yanked from power. As we speak, it is plotting the next stages of its "war on terrorism". This involves a number of military invasions that have the potential to accelerate rapidly into uncontrollable disasters, the most dire being the nuclear one. We warn them repeatedly but in vain of the insanity of this option, yet they push on blindly down this road. We have the capability to monitor their clandestine meetings, and we use this information coupled with material from other sources to establish baseline dates for our last-ditch intervention in your affairs. Again, we warn all concerned that the use of nuclear weapons is not an option. For too long, the dark has been in charge of your world, using hatred and conflict to control you. This, too, is no longer an option. Today, your world stands on the very brink of a new reality founded on peace and cooperation.

The hazardous time you are presently living through is to be the last "hurrah" of the dark. Its last cabal has spread its interests throughout the globe. Like a many-headed hydra, its influence was everywhere. The planned demise of this dark monster is to usher in the promised era of peace for your world. This moment will also signal the end of your long galactic quarantine. The many years of planning this First Contact can at last manifest in our arrival. Immediately following the counter-coup, the main architects of this change of direction are to be formally revealed to you; these brave men and women who constitute our Earth allies will outline the many reforms finally made possible by this much-needed coup. Thereupon, the new financial and monetary foundations will come into being. These will institute global abundance and ensure the end of the manipulation of the many by the few.

This shadowy, dark oligarchy, which has long ruled you, will be replaced by your own abilities, true desires, and spiritual connection to each other. In this new environment, you can realize your potential and, through your own talents, fulfill your dreams. Our role, as we have mentioned before, is to teach, guide, and allow you to move gracefully through this next brief period of your history. Your world will never again be as you know it; the cruelty and darkness that frustrates you at every turn will be gone, to be replaced by a world without limits, a world of profound morality. It behooves you, therefore, to recast your conceptions of your fellow-man; a deep appreciation for each other must take root. The joy stemming from this revelation will unleash a creative potential in you that you may at first find awesome.

The spiritual potential of your global society is immense, almost infinite in scope. This is why you are to accomplish miracles on your world once the cruel leash imposed upon you by the dark is formally removed. Those of us who have studied your society in depth understand what you are truly capable of. It is this great promise that brought the Galactic Federation's Main Council to agree with alacrity to the prescriptions sent to them by Heaven. This First Contact, from its inception, was unique. The reason for this is each one of you. Your collective potential can make galactic peace a permanent fixture in this galaxy. Your contributions to the Galactic Federation are to allow us to achieve those decrees concerning physicality given to us by Lord Surea. It is for this reason that we are so steadfast in our resolve to ensure your glorious destiny.

We, in Heaven and in the Galactic Federation of Light, pledge to see to it that the last denizens of the dark on your world fail in their efforts to keep the joys of the Light from you. This pledge is irrevocable. We make this pledge to reassure you that your continuing efforts to aid the Light can and will succeed. First Contact is near; the last hurdles are now being surmounted. In light of this, you very much need to be ready to act effectively to fulfill your part in this wondrous drama. The travails now being imposed on you by the dark are merely the last desperate moves by those who know, deep down, that they are irretrievably doomed and defeated. Therefore, let those actions now begin that will evict the dark from power and usher in the joyous new reality! We herewith state that this counter-coup will happen during the time set so gloriously by Heaven!

Today, we have reviewed the events occurring around you. We ask you to stay calm and truly convinced of your victory! On this subject, we can report that many essential activities are progressing well and about to bear fruit. We conclude by reminding you all that Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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