otherwise known as the "Reformation Act"


    Those FOR:

    • As this new law benefits almost EVERY sovereign citizen of the land, everyone who understands it must therefore be in favour of it. Those of criminal intent would not be included in this category.

    • There is ONE official spokesman for (the true) NESARA information and the writer's pseudonym is "Dove of Oneness".
      To subscribe to her DAILY progress reports on NESARA write to: This should be your immediate first step.

    • The "White Knights" are those in a position of authority (mainly military and governmental) who are actively supporting NESARA and whose duty it is to announce its provisions publicly on radio and TV.
      See the White Knights website.

    • There are several sites containing some of this information (there is a site which pretends to be the official voice of NESARA, but it purposely gives out misleading information): you can read back-issues of the daily progress report as well as special reports at the new, dedicated NESARA website

    • a complete history of the reports, as well as other informative articles, can be found at the Four Winds website.

    • There is a non-forgiving vow of silence enforced upon all who are (or will be) involved in the implementation of the provisions of N.E.S.A.RA., therefore they are required to deny its existence right up until the actual time of announcement.
      This does not sit well with many of them, especially TV and radio announcers, Hollywood figures and others. Some who have not taken this vow of silence are beginning to talk publicly about it, without referring to the actual name "NESARA".

    • There are a growing number of INTERNATIONAL websites promoting N.E.S.A.R.A. and peaceful demonstrations take place in front of the International Court of Justice (The World Court) in the Hague, the Netherlands, every Friday until the announcement is made. Posters supporting NESARA are coming in to the World Court from countries across the world on a continuing basis.

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