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What other suggestions do YOU have? There have been many other proposals - which can be duplicated over and over again in different localities. [Copyright incidentally is benevolent, only to protect against unscrupulous antagonists]

They might be for the wellbeing of animals, or humans, or Mother Earth herself.


One of the healthiest activities is exercise - which can be popularly translated into "sports."

Free sports facilities would be an encouragement for all to take part and increase their level of well-being, and those who become particularly adept at a specific sport could be encouraged by professionals and coached to the point where they could take part in international events [note that I did not say 'compete' or 'competitions' ..... the motto of the 21st century is co-operation rather than competition]

In Canada's Northern clime, one of the most popular sports is ice-skating (previously called figure-skating) and one or two of the more famous personalities in the sport could be encouraged to come and reside at fully-equipped new facilities in Canada to train, and prepare programs for, upcoming generations of Canadian skaters.


Is there a part of your city - possibly an ethnic community - where the standard of living could be greatly enhanced? It may be so old that it has just not kept up with modern day amenities. For instance, I can think of a "Chinatown" where the rundown commercial buildings could be replaced by modern residential towers with shops on the main or first two floors. Four such adjacent blocks could create a "pedestrian only centre", increasing safety and housing community centre facilities at the same time. And that process could soon roll over to the neighbouring blocks, creating a vibrant new city within a city - a place where one could take pride in living.

The upgrading of neighborhoods needs much thought. There are many instances of well-intentioned plans misfiring. You cannot take people from a 'slum' area, put them in a new housing scheme and expect them to live a new life there. This is a hard thing to say - but history has well recorded evidence of the problem. More often they bring their current 'conditions' with them and the new area is soon also reduced to a 'slum.' This was evidenced decades ago in the City of Glasgow, Scotland, where residents of 'The Gorbals' were placed in a brand new housing development. It was not long before this new area also had to be classified as a 'slum.' More recently in Vancouver, 'tent-dwellers' were removed from the old Woodwards building and put in a hotel paid for by the City. They had to be removed from the hotel, and the hotel fitted out again, as it had become almost uninhabitable - even the plumbing fixtures had been ripped out, for resale .... People have to be prepared for a new environment: if they cannot adapt to a new environment, it serves no useful purpose to force them into it. There are some who will be members of that part of society which does not endure into the Golden Age. That is their choosing.


Throughout the world an immense collection of old books, documents and graphics lie deteriorating to the point where they either are at, or are approaching, the point where they can no longer be repaired, and their content could be lost to the world. The basic problem is lack of funds. Few people give to the maintenance of this important resource of information from the past, which could enhance our understanding of the history of mankind.

A restoration project would not only require financial resources but skilled manpower to tackle this immense task. There would therefore be different aspects to a restoration project.

From the pool of those who are redundant on the implementation of N.E.S.A.RA. many could be trained to restore old books. Crash courses would initially be arranged, with ongoing education to improve the ability and efficiency of those entering this 'new' field.

Apart from the restoration of books, documents and graphics from public and private libraries or collections, a program of reproduction would be initiated so that copies of these originals could be sent to other public libraries worldwide, with the original being returned to its source. It might require modification to existing imaging equipment from companies such as Kodak and Xerox to handle the originals with optimum care, so this in turn might translate into additional manufacturing requirements.


Travel broadens the mind. Learning languages opens the mind to understanding other cultures. The cosmopolitan nature of the country is better understood through personal experience abroad.

Students who study a language full time, and show promise in understanding and speaking the language, should be eligible for an annual two-week stay in the country where that language is spoken so that they can both increase their oral expertise and get to know better the people who speak that language and their culture.

This might include children born in Canada of immigrants, but who have never visited the homeland of their parents, and who would thereby gain increased familiarity with their racial background by such an experience.


In order to maintain livestock in optimal condition, travelling health teams will be established to visit farms on a regular basis for a nominal fee. These teams will be made up of experts in veterinarian matters, including possibly homoeopaths, herbalists, veterinarians, visiting animals both on a preventive health basis as well as in emergencies.

It is not anticipated that outbreaks of infectious diseases (such as Foot and Mouth or BSE) will occur again as these were all man-made arrangements to create fear and damage the economy. Crops grown naturally (organically) will contribute to the wellbeing of livestock and the environment in general, thereby decreasing the need for veterinarian attention.


Leisure time is important for the wellbeing of the human race and facilities should be made available to all.

  • Acquisition and operation of amusement parks for children, with free admission for children and their accompanying parents or guardians. Attractions would exclude those which could be injurious to the physical, mental or spiritual body; include those emphasizing educational aspects; with refreshments based on wholesome ingredients served at reasonable cost.

  • Acquisition and operation of zoo parks, upgrading the facilities for the comfort and wellbeing of animals, upgrading their feedstuffs, changing over to natural medications; intensifying the educational experience for children (as well as adults); improving the education and attitude of zoo staff; operating on a non-profit basis after the initial cost of upgrading the facilities.


    The Arts constitutes an important aspect of our education and schoolchildren as well as older students should be encouraged to learn and understand the variety of expressions found in the Arts.

  • A quarterly Promotion of the Arts event might consist of free tickets to music students and teachers from local high schools and colleges, even private music teachers and students, to specially arranged operatic, ballet or concert performances. These would be matinee performances so that students in winter would not have to go home in the dark, and possibly approved as a part of the curriculum by the Minister of Education or local school board.

  • A similar program might finance visits of orchestras or other artists from what are currently termed 'third-world' countries, helping both to promote their activities and expose local inhabitants to a wider range of musical talent.

  • Encouragement of artists in the fields of painting or sculpture to study under recognized experts in their field under organized conditions (e.g. schools of art) for a period of time free of charge in order to help them get started in their intended career.


  • To cater for the physically disabled, apartment complexes to house those confined to a wheelchair.

    Accommodation would include housing of attendants, and children, with appropriate ancillary facilities included within the complex.

  • Apartment complexes to house those in financial distress after events beyond their control, such as the death or loss of a husband, with children to support.

  • Apartment complexes to house landed immigrants until they obtain suitable employment, with on site ESL facilities

  • Four-step program for the relief of the homeless (street people) with ongoing supervision.
    • Provision of clothing and personal items
    • Health checkup and medical treatment
    • Psychological training for re-entry into the workplace, on self-worth, drug-free living
    • Re-housing and employment


For decades Canadian governments have given a low priority to passenger rail travel in Canada, reducing services on a regular basis, destroying the Tourism interest in seeing this marvellous country in safety and comfort at ground level, and denying Canadians an opportunity to travel and learn firsthand more about their homeland, the largest country in the world.

The Railway Act was a nefarious piece of legislation (since replaced), in effect giving ownership of almost all urban Canadian lands to the owners of the railway companies. NESARA cancels out all such inequitable statutes.

Current passenger trains are slow and unreliable, frequently held up by freight trains, who are given priority over passenger traffic. This policy would either have to be reversed or a new high-speed passenger only track across Canada created, with minimal environmental impact and frequent underpasses/overpasses created for wildlife and natural waterways.

Propulsion would be provided by new electrical engines [or fuelled by plasma energy], self-contained, such as produced by ITEC and similar companies, with normal maintenance the only operating cost. A high level of comfort, speed and quiet operation is needed for the international tourist who normally travels by air, but is willing to spend some extra time to enjoy the exceptional beauty of the countryside, rather than cumulonimbus clouds. Daily departures from East to West Coast and return in air conditioned bi-level carriages, with adequate staffing would complement airline services and Greyhound buses.


With the redistribution of the world's wealth, much of it will originate in the Western World, especially North America. How do we fulfill our obligations as Stewards of Mother Earth? How do we get it distributed to the rest of the world - to the underdeveloped third world countries?

A Business Plan has been developed under the appropriate title "EARTH STEWARDS" to send teams of experts to underdeveloped countries under a five-year plan to enhance their standard of living and bring back self-esteem to all those who have suffered under the greed of corrupt governments for so long.

The teams would consist of several sections, each addressing a different area of the economy - agriculture, education, the environment, health, housing and industry. They would not represent companies nor industries, but would be individual physicians, educators, technicians and scientists etc - a total of around 80 staff per team.

The budget for each team over a five-year period has been set provisionally at $100 million. Members could come from various countries, or various countries could organise their own teams and would pool their expertise and experience.

It is estimated that it would take ten years to rid the world of poverty and hunger.

If you are interested in participating (read the website first!) write to us by E-MAIL.


The problem of past memories or events affecting both the people currently occupying the land and the very Earth itself has come up many times in the past but in February 2006 the need to do something about it urgently was impressed upon the minds of many.

Sananda stated in a recent message to one telepath that until this negativity had been cleared and the souls released, there could not be real peace upon planet Earth.

The Business Plan which was developed at that time has now been published on the Internet under the title "HEALING THE LAND" . It entails assembling teams of knowledgeable and spiritual telepaths and dowsers to enable the spirits of those who lost their lives in past battles, wars, ethnic cleansings and other atrocities worldwide to move on to higher vibrations, thereby removing the sadness and the darkness from the valleys of sorrow, releasing the dark clouds of negative emotions in the grids above the lands that have been soaked in their blood, and at the same time bringing Peace to the Land and enabling the Earth to be fruitful once more.

Those who would like to participate one way or another are invited to write us urgently by E-MAIL to that effect.

The Business Plans and Projects described on these pages have been written and copyrighted by Dr Milson Macleod but can be provided for the use of interested parties in a non-profit environment.

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