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NESARA Impact on Real Estate Sales
March 15, 2004

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

I've had some questions about what people can or should do regarding buying or selling real estate now that NESARA is about to be announced. As I explained in the March 12, 2004 Dove Report entitled Overview of NESARA Economic, Financial, and Legal Benefits EVERYTHING will be repriced, including real estate, to SQUEEZE OUT the inflation in today's prices due to the worthless, fiat Federal Reserve currency which is backed by nothing. The repricing activities about two months after NESARA's announcement will reset prices on everything to a non-inflated value expressed in our new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals.

Nothing, including real estate, can remain valued at the same inflated amount based on Federal Reserve fiat money after NESARA is announced. Two months after NESARA's announcement, real estate now for sale at $200,000 will probably be repriced to $20,000. The seller who receives $20,000 for this property will have the SAME PURCHASING power from $20,000 that they have today from $200,000 because EVERYTHING will be repriced downward at the same time.

A few days after NESARA is announced, the discussion of repricing EVERYTHING in the WHOLE United States will begin to come out of the government along with discussion of the new mortgages under NESARA regulations. At this point when the repricing and new mortgages are being discussed, many prospective real estate buyers may decide to wait until later to go through with the real estate purchase because under NESARA, some new mortgage loans will not require as large a down payment as is usually required currently. The new mortgages will have much lower interest costs and will be offered by banks a few weeks after NESARA is announced.

Once the news about the new mortgages is made public, it's really up to the buyers what they want to do, but if buyers care about saving money on the down payment, they may choose to wait until they can be approved for one of the new mortgages.

IF a buyer waits until the price reductions go into effect about two months after NESARA is announced, sellers will not actually be making less money on their sale. What you can buy with $200,000 today you will be able to buy with $20,000 after the price changes are implemented about two months after NESARA is announced. If sellers can sell their property now and KEEP the CASH from the sale until after the price reductions two months after NESARA's announcement, their cash will buy more after the price reductions.

These comments are regarding how things will be done in the U.S. and these same things will occur in other countries in similar ways although details may vary from country to country regarding percentage of price reductions and timing of these things being implemented.

It may be beneficial for some sellers of real estate to wait until they obtain the debt forgiveness on their mortgages before they sell their property. If a seller has property for sale at $250,000 today and they owe $100,000 on the principal, after they obtain the NESARA debt forgiveness on their mortgage (which will take a few months) they can sell their property and make a much larger percentage of profit on the sale. Even though obtaining the mortgage debt forgiveness would probably require waiting until after the repricing two months following NESARA's announcement, and they would likely sell the property at the repriced value of $25,000, they would receive almost all the $25,000 in profit minus any real estate commissions or other fees. Again, $25,000 after the repricing will buy the same amount as $250,000 buys today.

Each real estate seller and buyer must decide for themselves what the best timing is for them to buy or sell after NESARA is announced.

NESARA Financial Redress
March 16, 2004

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

I'm answering more questions about NESARA today. By far the biggest interest people express in emails to me is related to the financial aspects of NESARA; this makes perfect sense since all of us have to manage our financial interests.

To clarify my comments about bankruptcies, if you are currently making payments on credit card, mortgage, or other bank debts as ordered by a bankruptcy court, in this case you will have paperwork you can submit to the bankruptcy court and other authorities to obtain the NESARA bank debt forgiveness for these debts. NESARA does not directly obtain this for you; you will have to do the paperwork after NESARA is announced. The bankruptcy court judges will be educated about this.

The past decades of damage done by fraudulent banking practices and government collusion have caused harm to many people including directly and indirectly causing foreclosures and bankruptcies. This was recognized and there is a blanket approach to financially rectifying these past damages to Americans. Rather than taking the approach of the Farm/Bank Claims, there will be "financial redress" for past government and banking frauds. This "financial redress" prosperity will be available to every adult American and will be made public after NESARA's announcement. The financial redress in the U.S. will amount to $9-10 million over ten years paid out in monthly installments. The monthly payments for financial redress will begin about 16-18 months AFTER NESARA's announcement; ALL adult Americans will begin receiving about $80,000 to $90,000 US Treasury dollars a month in financial redress payments over ten years time.

Canada's White Knights have a similar "financial redress" prosperity program put together for Canadians which will be paid monthly. The Canadian financial redress will amount to about $5 million paid out over twelve years. I don't know when the Canadian financial redress will begin because Canadian White Knights and the Canadian people have to clean up their government and banking system before this Canadian financial redress can be publicly announced.

Regarding immediately after NESARA is announced, the banks in the U.S. will be closed for three business days so bank personnel can do change-over functions from the Federal Reserve banking system to the new U.S. Treasury Bank System. Major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Safeway supermarkets have been informed of NESARA and many retailers will be stocking up on the new U.S. Treasury currency so they can give change in the new U.S. Treasury currency when we pay for purchases in Federal Reserve notes. Each day of the three bank closure days, businesses and corporations will have a few hours when they can go into the banks to do deposits and withdraw currency for their business needs.

Most businesses - supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, department stores, etc. -- will be open during the three business days of bank closure after NESARA is announced. Some supermarkets will offer the service of cashing checks to help fill that need for the three days when the banks are doing change-over activities. The Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) will be kept fully stocked with cash at all times; ATM cards and debit cards will continue to work. Most businesses will function as usual; there is no need to worry about stocking up on food, gas, or anything else because businesses will be open as usual. There will be NO loss of money in our bank accounts due to the change-over from the Federal Reserve to the U.S. Treasury Bank System; all our money will automatically be included in the new U.S. Treasury Bank System and we will have the same amount in our accounts after NESARA is announced as we had before NESARA was announced (minus any withdrawals or deposits we ourselves do of course).

NESARA Begins Prosperity and Peace
March 17, 2004

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

I've had some questions about the financial redress prosperity. Most countries which have corrupt governments and banking systems using fiat money similar to the Federal Reserve also have their own White Knights who want to correct these problems. These White Knights plan to cause government reforms in their own countries and to ensure the new banking improvements are carried out.

The "financial redress" about which I wrote yesterday is a lawful way to rectify damages done to people due to purposeful fraud by corrupt, Illuminati-controlled governments and banking systems worldwide. There is a main principle in law that if someone is injured, there should be effort made to rectify the damage. The corrupt banking systems have caused financial damage to many generations of people worldwide. Fraudulent lending practices, fraudulent foreclosures of homes and businesses, and other bank fraud have resulted in robbing hard-earned money and assets from generations of people.

We know for example that White Knights in Australia are pursuing various strategies to break Australia free of their corrupt Illuminati government and the UK/Queen legal connections to Australia. One of the strategies Australia's White Knights are pursuing is a court case in the British high courts but this case is not expected to move forward until after NESARA is announced.

We also know there are White Knights in Britain who are poised to expose the lies and take down the Illuminati Blair government and end the Illuminati monarchy as well as completely reform how government works in Britain to remove the corruption.

White Knights in the European Union are also preparing to bring about governmental reforms in each country and also in how the European Union itself operates. The European Central Bank is expected to announce the Euro is backed by gold within three business days of NESARA's announcement.

White Knights will take action to make massive banking and government improvements in each country which uses fiat money and is controlled by corrupt government officials. Once these government and banking improvements are implemented, then the White Knights in each country can announce the "financial redress" prosperity for which citizens can apply.

The vast sums of money to fund these financial redress prosperity activities have begun being generated in the revenue generation processes formulated by Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine in the 1700s and given to German bankers at that time. These revenue generation processes have been kept secret by top bankers and available only to the wealthy until recent years when wealthy visionaries initiated new prosperity programs for non-wealthy people who wish to do humanitarian projects.

White Knight U.S. military will provide security for the prosperity programs and Claims funding notifications deliveries. First these White Knight U.S. military must provide the security for NESARA's announcement. Then once NESARA is announced and certain security assignments have been completed, some of these White Knights U.S. military troops can be spared to do security for the funding notifications deliveries.

There is a plan for worldwide prosperity to be brought about in various ways in the next six years. The financial redress prosperity will be part of creating this worldwide prosperity and it's no accident that NESARA's announcement is setting up the conditions which support the beginning of worldwide prosperity. When there is worldwide prosperity, people will not be forced to work at jobs they dislike in order to survive.

The plan is to bring the world's people out of the shackles of poverty which tremendously limits them in expressing their potentials. The worldwide prosperity is part of what is needed to enable people to truly reach their highest potentials. When people have prosperity, they will make contributions to the world based on their own unique interests and abilities. People will reach out and do what they are drawn to do to serve the world in their own ways.

NESARA also brings new conditions such as the restoration of Constitutional Law which enable the public unveiling of thousands of advancements in technology, energy sources, medical therapies, transportation, and much more. Many new advancements will make certain products and services obsolete. Just as more people are receiving their prosperity and choosing not to work for money, many of the jobs they held will become obsolete due to new options and advancements. All is in process to bring worldwide prosperity and advancements so these improvements dovetail in great synchronicity.

NESARA also ushers in new conditions worldwide which will help make war obsolete. The world's people have increasingly called for peace and there's much excitement as people prepare to go to the peace rallies this Saturday and share the good news that NESARA brings peace with peace activists. I'm hearing from people who are getting together with other NESARA supporters at the peace rallies to hand out NESARA flyers and looking forward to having a good time meeting others of like-mind who support peace.

NESARA Debt Relief; Cancels Treaties
March 18, 2004

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Regarding which mortgages, car loans, personal loans, business loans, etc. given by banks, mortgage companies, car dealers, etc. come under NESARA's debt relief, there are two requirements. Basically, the person requesting the debt relief on these loans must be a citizen/natural person/sovereign of the U.S. and the person must have made at least ONE payment on the loan.

Education loans backed by the government are also funded by banks and these loans are an exception to the "at least one payment" rule because education loans have deferred payment plans. All education loans up to the date of NESARA's announcement will be subject to NESARA's debt relief.

However, regarding other loans even if someone has a new loan and has made only one payment on a new mortgage loan or car loan or other kind of loan, these loans will still be subject to the NESARA debt relief.

Someone wrote to ask what will happen to various federal government agencies which currently have too much power to intrude on people's lives and choices. They asked about the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), FDA (Food & Drug Administration), CIA, FBI, IRS, etc. The IRS will no longer exist after NESARA's announcement as the announcement includes the immediate closure of the IRS. Some IRS employees will be assigned to the U.S. Treasury Department to process tax REFUNDS and some IRS employees and facilities will be transferred to the U.S. Treasury Department to collect the new national sales tax on new, non-essential items which will fund the government.

The other federal agencies including FTC, FDA, CIA, FBI, SEC, NSA, and many more will be dramatically reformed due to the fact NESARA wipes out many of the laws upon which these agencies base their activities. The key theme of these reformations involves these agencies being forbidden to impose on the privacy and rights of Americans. Our rights under the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are being restored by NESARA and all government agencies will be required to cease snooping, spying, and interfering in Americans lives to a very large extent. NESARA allows for many issues these agencies handle to be handled in different ways that do not require government agents to interfere with people's private lives and civil rights except in very LIMITED circumstances.

The missions of these agencies will change after NESARA is announced. The CIA, which has become almost a secret autonomous agency operating outside acceptable parameters, will be shut down and the valid intelligence functions handled by the CIA will be incorporated into other vastly reformed federal government intelligence agencies.

Many treaties which are building blocks of the Illuminati's world domination plans will be null and void after NESARA is announced because these are unconstitutional. This includes NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and other Free Trade Agreements made by recent federal administrations. Also null and void will be the US membership to the WTO (World Trade Organization) and other such organizations. US companies can continue to do business with organizations in other countries but will have to do business under free market economy conditions as supported by the return to Constitutional Law.

Attorneys, judges, law enforcement, and government agents and officials will have to attend educational courses on common law/Constitutional Law after NESARA is announced. I'm hearing some Certified Public Accountants are already attending such workshops and courses. Stockbrokers, financial advisors, and financial planners will also have to attend these courses and learn how to do financial planning and how economies work when major banking systems and currencies are backed by gold.

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness

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