Message from SaLuSa of the Star Nation of Sirius
through Mike Quinsey
3rd May, 2005.

Many events on Earth are being brought together, and you are playing your part to full effect. More people than ever are turning to the Light and helping speed up the final moments, before a great turning point is reached. For some time now, we have fed your expectations of change, particularly after the passing of the Millennium. There needed to be a new direction shown to you, that would still fulfil your desires. That arrived with the details of NESARA and First Contact, and we are amazed at how quickly the support for these events has grown. There are now so many of you that are visualizing the coming of these two great actions, which will transform your society. We need you to hold fast to your visions and so maintain the force of the energy upon Earth.

We understand your frustration when you see little change around you, but be assured that a lot is going on behind the scenes. We can see it more clearly as we have the advantage of being able to see the whole picture. Additionally, we are where most of the action is decided and taken on your behalf. We see a very confused picture on Earth, as while the Light are coming together in full force, the dark are breaking up and running in all directions not knowing what to do. They find their plans are known to us, and although we cannot curtail everything, they are losing their ability to continue their devious actions to create chaos. They still wish to bring in tougher controls, and look for an excuse to do so.

As we watch events, we have the knowledge that the Light has already succeeded in overcoming the opposition. We can therefore see the direction in which everything is going, and we would say it is going well. There is an allowance made for you to play your part, and it must be seen that the people of Earth are directing their own destiny. The truth is now hitting people quite hard, and the dismay with your leaders is growing. There are still others who cannot bear to read or listen to adverse comment about them, as it will leave a void they cannot yet fill. They feel that the inevitable breakdown will occur but can see no alternative.

Because there are so many of you that are re-assessing life and its meaning, we are coming even closer with the Spiritual Hierarchy and sending calming energies. Uncertainty brings fear, and as you now know it is this energy that feeds the dark. Where you can also help in bringing peaceful energies into being, is by sharing your knowledge of the truth. There is a need to spread the word around that will show people that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and give them something to hold on to in uncertain times.

Meantime, we of the Galactic Federation are able to gauge how the balance of energies is working out, and they continue to be very positive. Mother Earth is still in the throes of cleansing herself, and there will be further evidence of this through more Earth movements. We have to view the whole picture, and the object is to control events in a way that results in the least effect on you. Fortunately, we have the most complex and efficient computers and they measure the Earth energies on a constant basis. This gives us time to exercise our control in a way that can re-direct energies into less harmful outcomes.

In our own way we are busy monitoring Earth, and have no sense of concern because everything is under our control. Yet, we have always to make allowance for your freewill aspect, and are careful not to impose ourselves upon you. Having said that, you have already made your desires known and indicated that you are ready for the changes. The Divine decree intends that you should finish this cycle with the opportunity to ascend, and nothing will stop this from taking place. There are many events that are linked together, and once we have contained the dark forces and replaced them with your own representatives of Light, it will all fall into place very quickly. You can see for yourself that a stand is being taken against the Illuminati, and it is close to forcing their hand. In reality, they know their time is finished.

I am part of the Star Nation of Sirius, and we have had a long association with people of Earth. We understand you very well, and for eons of time have helped and directed your lives. So we are no strangers to you, and our roots are very much entwined with yours. Many of you have come from our system and taken a number of lives upon Earth. There are others who come from the Pleiades who are also very much part of your ancient history. There are still others, and you really are a space family in your own rights, although with the end of the cycle some will return to their home planet. There is little difference between us all, as we have the same aspirations to seek the truth and help others. The idea that we are somehow totally alien to everything you are is erroneous, and when we soon arrive on Earth this will quickly be apparent.

In appearance, many of us are no more different to you than you are in comparison to other races upon Earth. In the Galactic Federation, we too have various hair and skin colors, and are of different heights. You will soon accept our differences, and even the humanoid types who are now becoming so familiar to you. We offer you help to jump your evolution, to cleanse your Earth and guide you to the achievement of full consciousness. These are all necessary for the final act of Ascension, and then you will be fully One with us.

Life is exciting and fulfilling, and the Cosmos beckons waiting its latest members. We so much look forward to telling you of the beauties and mysteries of Space. There is life in abundance, and you are part of it. I send you the Love of many old friends who are waiting to greet you again. I leave you in joy and happiness that your wait is over.


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Dove Crop Circle at Walkers Hill Ref: 01-080303

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