Update from SANANDA

Through Candace
11th May 2005

Sananda: My Brothers and Sisters, we have had quite a few very busy days. I know you tire of the wait and our excuses, but I must reiterate, that safety is of the utmost consideration. We have now fully completed the search of all the under ground facilities all over the world. This was a lengthy process, but very necessary. We as a result, are also in control of these places. We said recently, we would take control of them a bit later, but it became necessary to do it now. We have found no more of the bombs of off world origin that were to be used on Peru, and on the Titan.

In the process of learning where these bombs came from, we determined that there were a few Annunaki playing on both sides. Apparently not all of them surrendered to the light a few years ago. These have been the major source of our problems getting the job done. They are removed and await trial in Universal courts. Understand we are not talking local courts of star nations here, we are talking about the Universal courts of Nebadon. They will not be returning to cause further trouble. They have been the cause of repeated intelligence failures. Some never give up on the ways of deceit. Of course, they have been controlling their Earth minions, causing many difficulties.

Because of these fence sitters, there were many of the White Knights in confusion as to who to follow, and now this is relieved. We are getting the people back in preparedness for the announcement now. All of this should result in a smoother transition, now that we control also the underground areas. Bush is not being fondly received in Russia on this trip. We have also been in attendance at the Bilderberger meeting and much progress is being made as a result.

The giving of the April 15th date has been highly successful, even though you have not seen this success yet. Many BBB&Gs [Illuminati] "came out of the woodwork" as hoped. I know you are disappointed, and we have had several letters that state that maybe the April 15th date should not have been put out. However, by doing so, the enemy played into our hands. As a result, we should not have any more dangerous games played. Continue to be in peace over this, and continue to work on messianic ideas. You are going to get a wonderful opportunity to use them. I will not be talking in these messages as often for the next couple of them. I have much to do. Rafael will be explaining much of medical interest to you in the next messages, and I think you will find this most refreshing. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel

[The rest of this Message, which is on Health and on-Ship Treatment by Rafael, may be seen on the Mission St Michael website - Milson]

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