Semjase of the Pleiades

Direct transmission through Carol Withrow
An Ascended Master from the Pleiades, now teaching on Earth
23 Jun 03

The first emphasis should not be on the activation of NESARA but on the activation of the people. The people must first be connected within their hearts and then all of the thoughts, desires and intentions in connection with NESARA itself will have greater power.

The people of the Earth are the first line of activation. NESARA will not activate if the people globally think that others will do it for them. That thinking is incorrect. That is a repelling magnetism and NESARA will most surely go away in that case. People need to understand that they are the receiving magnetism, that they are the ones who desire and intend. If the people understand that they are the receiving magnetism then they will also be connected to their hearts and what is called divine Love.

NESARA is a heart energy and a unification energy. It is an energy desiring to bring happiness and well-being to all people upon the Earth so that the transitioning of the new Earth, the divine spiritual Earth can take place. Like attracts like and NESARA being of heart energy must have people globally upon the Earth also connecting to their heart energy and that is the only way like attracting like can take place. A creation and manifestation cannot come into existence at a higher level than the creator or creators that are desiring the manifestation to take place. The creator and the manifestation must be of the same likeness, for the manifestation represents the Light, the Love, the beauty, the caring, the honoring and respect of the creator.

We need all of you on the Earth, all of you divine spiritual beings upon the Earth to remember your divinity, to honor yourselves, to respect yourselves, to come from your hearts and fear nothing. Put aside personal issues, eliminate priorities that are not priorities in the first place and breathe full-deep breaths every minute of your waking hours. We need you to take care of your bodies, to exercise and to keep your eating, your living and your being, your speaking and your thinking all in balance and in harmony.

There is no more time to argue with one another over things that are not worth arguing about. There are more important issues that we need each of you to consider in today's world. We need all of you to be as one people globally. We need all of you to honor and respect one another globally and we need all of your Light to shine as one Light. Your purpose, paths, missions and your efforts have now become global issues, global scenarios. We need all of your individual scenarios, all of the individual aspects of your being from your heart, your Light body and your physical body to be as one and to be united with the global scenarios that need to take place.

The energy of NESARA can remain for only a certain segment of time without it connecting to the hearts of the people. For NESARA to activate, I say again, the mind and the preoccupation of the people needs to turn away from petty items and the mind needs to turn into the heart. The mind needs to be connected to the heart and the heart needs to do the thinking, the delegating, the perceiving and the observing. Let the mind assist. Once this takes place ego then does not exist. NESARA needs the people of the Earth to put their hearts first with themselves in connection with their own honor and respect and also in connection with one another.

What we need at this moment in regards to NESARA is for people to come together in their 5 senses. What a person does with the incoming information within himself or herself is of monumental importance. Coming into balance and harmony within oneself is connecting to all the 5 senses and then the heart being the 6th sense. When a person connects to their 5 senses and to their heart, they are already at the manifestation stage of speaking. We call this a diamond energy, as one triangle sits on top of the other. In coming together in balance and harmony with one's five senses, this is the taste, smell, touch, sight/hear, and mentality. Sight and hearing are one in the same aspect. We have external sight and then we have internal sight. We have external hearing and we have internal hearing.

We must have people come together in a balanced harmonious way, connecting to all of the positive attributes and aspects that are part of creating something, bringing about a very strong magnetism and then honoring, respecting and loving it so that it remains in its manifested creation.

People must come together with their highest perceptions connected to their mentality, connected to all of their senses and connected to their choices and decisions. They must first come together within themselves because who a person is within is what they will attract to and call their peers, their groups, their camaraderie. It is important at this time for NESARA to have a global world energy, balanced and harmonized within itself, to come to exist within and to attach to. NESARA is of the Realm of Creation and connects to the Light; therefore, it must have an anchor within the Light upon the Earth to connect to. The people are that anchor on the Earth. NESARA weakens when people are in fear and feel that they need to be saved. NESARA is energized and magnified when people are balanced and harmonized within themselves. For NESARA to come about the people of the Earth must feel that they can stand on their own. The people must feel that they can take care of themselves. The people must be connected to their creativity in so doing. NESARA and the people must come together as equal peers, not from the aspect that NESARA is going to save the people, or NESARA is going to save the world. No energy, entity, being, thing or situation is a savior in and of itself.

Created manifestation transitioning from one level to the next always has an equal anchor that matches itself in peer and camaraderie. People must be connected to their hearts with all of the senses that they live by, with full perceptions of all things that they make an observation about, an identification about, and must stay out of egotistical judgments and criticisms of one another and of things that each other may be participating within. No one is allowed to make a judgment about anyone because each person makes their own choices based upon their own perceptions. If another person was in that person's perception, things might be different and therefore the judgment itself would be changed and altered in that way. There is no such thing as judgment because judgment is not a proper action in any form. Let yourselves observe and choose for yourself to be connected or not connected to a certain person or situation.

Anything connected to the ego, anything that detracts from the words happy, joyous, enlightened, creativity, organization is not of the level of Light that creates, magnifies and holds together manifested creation. Any energy, idea, or thought or any precept that detracts from the whole of a person, place or thing is not going toward creating and maintaining creation but is going towards destruction and tearing down creation. It is monumentally important for the people of the world to not destroy one another, even with words and thoughts. The energies and the connectiveness of the people of the world must be in peership and camaraderie in pulling together and to maintain their desired manifestations, their creations.

Our assistance is not to do for them but to be with them. Let each person come into his/her own organization of how to turn things around without the other person telling him or her how to do it. Never take away another person's ability to create and to manifest or you will be taking away and moving them further back from their creativity and their creations that they truly desire in their heart. Always assists their hearts, not their hands, not their eyes, not their ears but always assist their hearts. This is easy if you are listening to yours. It is difficult if you are not. So if everyone works toward balancing their perceptions, connecting, being from their own heart, they will see how to assist others in connection to maintaining their creations aligned with their hearts.

Some people need assistance in connecting to and living from their heart. Divine spiritual beings in the heavens never work alone; we always work in groups. When a creation manifests it is because of the group effort. We cannot work with just a few of you, we need to work with all of you. Your total body blueprints of who you are in every chakra energy center of your being in the divine spiritual dimensions, that blueprint is totally active with your bodies at this time. As you are connected to your total blueprint of your divinity, the divine spiritual being you really are, we also need that total blueprint to be active in your waking perceptions and in your transactions with one another. Know that your divine spiritual abilities are already with you, but if you do not connect your minds to your hearts and therefore alter your perceptions into greater balance you will not come to know of these divine spiritual abilities that are with you and ready for activation at this time.

Each one of you has the ability from where you are to tune into the world and know the consciousness of the world. Each of you has the ability to teleport (to travel) and to telepath (receive) information globally. Your Light body can already appear in front of another physical person on the other side of the Earth and that physical person will be able to see your Light body and recognize you. Just these things plus many more are ready to be activated by you. Remember to breathe and your perceptions will come closer to being connected within your heart. Breathing keeps the threat of survival of the body away. Breathe and be relaxed within your body and perceptions. You can then more easily maintain a wholeness, a holisticness, a balance and live in harmony with yourself and all that is around you.

We need to keep moving forward and we desperately need this heart energy to exist with the people globally. NESARA can exist for a time, but we would like to see the energy it needs to be activated at this time. NESARA can run out of energy. If it is not NESARA, then again something else will come about but there will be a delay. We hear the hearts of the people and we know that they desire this activation and manifestation tremendously but we need them to put their minds and their perceptions and observations where their heart desires are. We need their actions and their thoughts to be congruent with their hearts. We need everyone to be heartfelt towards one another, and that is what will assist NESARA.

In the 3rd dimension you have sending which you call cause and effect, but then you have receiving as well and that is the element that is left out of the 3rd dimension. With the transition of this world, with the divine spiritual dimensional energies upon this Earth it is imperative that the Lightworkers step into their full conscious remembrance, wisdom and activation as the divine spiritual beings that they are upon the Earth and the ones who are transitioning the Earth.

It is imperative that they understand the receiving element/aspect of themselves that means that they will receive or hear us. In the 3rd dimension people are not allowed to hear the angelic divine spiritual dimensions, the heavens unless they are in some kind of dire crisis and that energy frequency breaks through, such as near-death experiences and when they come back, they remember these connections.

We say that it is now time for the people to understand in a monumental way and we cannot stress the importance of this enough, that if a person, a Lightworker, begins understanding that they must receive NESARA's heart and unification energy, they must receive also our assistance in transitioning the world. That makes the largest difference because the receiving and the understanding and the feeling - nature connected to the heart will automatically align the sending and the cause and the effect of all personal situations and all societal situations and therefore all global situations.

Only when people like yourself upon the Earth ask these questions of us are we able to send the information down to you. This information is valuable for the people to hear. We hope they hear this information through their hearts. We hope it goes right into their hearts and speaks volumes to them.

We ask that you not look at what is going wrong, but to stay connected to what is going right. Not to look at the imbalance, deceit, lying and the 3D items but stay connected to all the love that is in the world, all that is in balance and harmony with the world and all divine communications that are truly cross-dimensional. Stay connected to all the life and living upon the planet, the plants, animals, birds and all of life. Let your attention be on maintaining creation rather than observing and being taken in by destruction. It is important not to hate the destruction and not to fear the destruction but to stay connected to all that is living and being in the Realm of Creation and that which creates and progresses forward to greater balance and harmony and Light.

NESARA loses energy when there is no progressive heart connections. Moving forward is the name of the scenarios at this time, and moving forward without time, distance, or space is even a greater scenario. We look forward to all of the activation that we foresee coming from the people.

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