otherwise known as the "Reformation Act"



For those who receive from 'prosperity funds', windfalls or other funds for redistribution and do not have a specific goal in mind, the many choices in this listing should prove useful, and for those who are still undecided about the choice of projects for funding there will be another solution later (a St Germain plan to be announced shortly after the implementation of NESARA), which will fund humanitarian and environmental projects of all kinds, providing both professional administration and auditing of the funds dispersed on an ongoing basis. Funds can be deposited with confidence in the Projects General account in that bank - the name will be announced later.

In due course a REGISTER of humanitarian and environmental projects may be maintained on the Internet. An office will be established in a major Canadian city as 'headquarters' for various major projects originated by NESARA INTERNATIONAL as a start.

For each of the Projects described below one requires competent and devoted staff - from Directors, Administrators and Managers of Operations to clerical staff; from engineers, teachers and physicians to technicians, contractors and artists. The requirement is extensive, at home and abroad.

Respond to the chosen Project outlined below - or just state that you will be available for whatever project might require you. See e-mail address at foot of this page. Don't forget to mention your current location.

The LORD OF ARCTURUS on Future Projects
Excerpt: 17th July, 2007

[This of course is somewhat outofdate: it did not happen as planned but the sentiment remains valid - Milson]

"Many soul groups will find themselves working more and more on bigger and bigger projects. There is much support and abundance for these efforts. You will find an upsurge in the number of non profit and non government agencies and bodies being set up from the end of July '07 until mid next year. This will be the biggest number ever recorded. These agencies will gradually take over many functions of self government, of helping and supporting and giving aid where it is needed. These organizations will function in a very powerful manner and as they are non profit, their collaborative powers of out-reach will be even greater. As time moves on more and more will believe in these programs and more wealth will move towards the non profit agencies because of their increased credibility and because they have proven that they are the ones who are able to reach out in times of crisis and times of great need and give the actual help and support where it is needed most. Also it will be shown that more and more government agencies are tied up with red tape and bureaucratic dilemmas and they will not be able to provide the help and support as and when needed expediently. This will be a very important and powerful point that many will pause to consider before they give financial support."

"Those who are already working with the 5th dimensional energies will find themselves drawn toward bigger and bigger groups working and supporting each other. They will be moving into the energy of working with their soul groups where there will be the energy of cohesiveness, collaboration and harmony, and where abundance and joy will be further pronounced. The efforts will increase exponentially. The synergy found within these groups will be very, very powerful and will serve humanity on a very great level based on the energy of love."


Air Traffic without Pollution


Replacing jet aircraft with 'space' shuttles, constructed with the help of ET technology and using cosmic energy rather than fossil fuels; building space-ports worldwide to replace airports, recovering that land for agricultural or residential use; resolving the many financial problems of the airline industry, and generally enhancing the attraction of air travel.

$10.8 billion over 5 years
Less $4 billion in income


for victims of catastrophic events


To meet present and forthcoming world scenarios, as indicated by the 2011 Japanese seismic and consequent social disasters, enlightened philanthropists have come together with educational and administrative experts to provide facilities to take care of children orphaned by catastrophic events in the future - at least to the extent that it is humanly possible to help rebuild shattered young lives.

Start-up Costs: $35 million


"Feed my sheep ....."


Part 1: Sending teams of educators, physicians, technicians, tradesmen and artists to improve the standard of living in underdeveloped countries, increasing crop yields, eliminating pollution and re-establishing a sense of worth in the individual as well as pride in their home country.

$4.9 billion over 5 years

Part 2: Establishing mobile kitchens in major cities to feed the homeless, eventually providing housing, education and health facilites to help them return to society.

$6 million over 5 years per centre


Healing the Land of Negative Vibrations


There is a pressing need to heal many lands of negative vibrations resulting from sites of past wars and other atrocities. Both spiritual telepaths and dowsers can work together to remove the sadness and the darkness from these 'valleys of sorrow', so that the land can become fruitful again and peace brought to its inhabitants.

$15.8 million over 5 years


Natural health products


Research, production and distribution facilities for safe, natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, reducing the cost of health services and improving the health of the general populace.

Start-up Costs: $10.5 million


Centres for Healing and Learning

The Sananda Centre

The establishment of Centres as requested by Sananda, for healing, teaching and book publication, including a central island resort for meetings of the Celestials with the people of Earth.

Start-up Costs: $8.9 million
$120 million over 5 years

A Floating Educational Centre

Website: not yet released

An international "save the children" project; a holistic city at sea, acting as a marine environmental showpiece, incorporating a school for displaced as well as gifted children, and equipped with an advanced holistic spa/hospital.

[Ship will not sail for the first two years due to ocean disturbances]
Start-up Costs: $950 million

Enhancing living standards


A once great country, neglected for decades while part of the Soviet bloc, reducing its inhabitants to poverty level, and contaminated by nuclear fallout, needs to have the spirit of its people lifted and its economy resuscitated. The cost is already subscribed

5 year Costs: $5.36 billion

Escaping the Concrete Jungle
Sustainable Living

Website: Community Development

The concrete environment is not suitable for habitation. Most of us know that, yet we live and work in concrete buildings, without having much of an option. It would appear that all high-rises and similar concrete structures will disintegrate about the year 2015. We must therefore make alternative living arrangements using natural products only - stone, brick, wood.- and in rounded form.
Ongoing Costs: $$$ unlimited
due to the vast nature of this undertaking.

Hotel and Healing Spa

Website: limited access

Featuring headquarters for humanitarian and environmental projects, the convention centre becoming an international meeting place for NESARA supporters and other Lightworkers, in a prime ocean-front location, surrounded by water and greenery it has very high vibrations and is currently well-known as a resort hotel with spa.
Costs: $$$ already allocated

Several plans over the years

Sample Website: History of 5 Plans

Initially drawn up in 2001 but postponed due to the negative effects of 9-11. Business Plans for several sites have been created, but St Germain now wants to utilize this project also as a meeting place, so the scope has been enlarged similar to the original plan.

Start-up Costs: $2.4 million
BARGING down the River

Zero-energy propulsion methods


The most economical method for transportation of cargo has always been by inland waterways. Now zero-energy systems will emphasize its viability, especially in European waterways such as the Rhine, with its powerful, energy-consuming currents.

From manufacturing propulsion systems for barges, expansion will cover marine craft from small boats to ocean liners.

Start-up Costs: $171 million


Website: not released to the public

Fulfilling a clansman's promise to compensate for the inhuman 'Highland Clearances' and other atrocities inflicted upon the inhabitants of the Highlands of Scotland over a long period of time by providing free electricity to all familes, enhanced soil systems for agriculture to farmers and other improvements to bring them into the Golden Age.

Start-up Costs: $1 Billion



A proposal to create a coast-to-coast railway line across Northern Canada without interfering with wildlife or negatively impacting the environment, providing an educational system for children as well as adults by traversing hitherto unreachable areas of the great Canadian North; anticipating the opening up of the frozen North due to climate change and connecting with future developments on Hudson's Bay as well as providing a new attraction for tourists visiting Canada .

NO costs have as yet been established

Name not yet released

Website: not yet available

With the introduction of a new monetary system, banks will be restructured (like all other corporations) and will need to re-apply for a license to operate as a bank. There will also be a new breed of banks for special services to mankind, and preliminary plans for these have already been completed.
No costs involved


Revised doctrines for Cleric and Layman


The Second Coming approaches and Esu Sananda has new instructions for the teachers of the Church in the Golden Age, regardless of their current doctrinal practices.
Every congregation should have at least one telepath, so that Sananda can pass his messages on to them.
Comprehensive tertiary education for cleric and layman alike, leading to the only available doctorate in Divinity/Spirituality.

Start-up Costs: $9.9 million

[NOTE: Much of this information is as much as a decade old, so figures are just an educated guess for today. Some information may be out of date - for instance, disregard any reference to 'shares'! - - Milson]

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